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Programmed to Kill

By Dave McGowan

This book can roughly be summarised as having three central theses. The first is that ritual (purposeful premeditated) murder and pedophilia have a tendency to operate as functions of organized crime rather than being isolated acts, the second is that these rings tend to be highly connected and 'serial killers' are the fall guys (whether they be complete patsy's or partially involved) for the ring, the third is that these rings have a tendency to directly be or be related to Satanic sects; or at the very least that Satanism seems to be the philosophy which informs the members of these rings. Additionally, based nearly solely on the information provided in this book, I believe it is possible to identify three mostly distinct rings. This book was released in 2004, and to say it just covers the tip of the iceberg is an understatement. So much more information has come out since then, some of which will be used in this summary (where this occurs will be explicitly denoted).

Trafficking, pedophile, and murder networks


This section briefly explores the societal conditions acting as a backdrop to the success and abundance of pedophile networks. It then discusses the nature of these pedophile and trafficking rings before providing a look at the resulting effects in an individual case.

Signature characteristics of serial killer cases


This section uses examples of serial killers which greatly illustrate tell-tale signs that there is more to their story rather than them simply being crazed lone killers; from mirroring lives between serial killers to clear cases of special treatment by the system.

The Delta Ring


This section focuses on a potential mostly homosexual pedophile and smut / murder ring which, whilst international in scope, mostly operated out of Chicago. This section also summarizes information from the podcast 'The Clown and Candyman'.

Creating a Patsy: The myth of the serial killer


This section gives examples of pedophile rings which are officially admitted to have had high-level connections. It then discusses the scam that is 'Profiling', giving examples of both spree-killers and serial killers being used to either lock cases down or manipulate public perception. Finally, it brings these together with the case of Marc Dutroux.

Killers as tools for the Elite


This section focuses on conspiracies to cover up Elitist committing or being involved in murder, as well as serial killers who are clearly acting as the fall guy for elite pedophile and trafficking rings.

The Process


This section focuses on a potential ring of drug dealers and hitmen operating within California and perhaps more widely revolving around Satanic sects such as the Process Church. This ring may also link to the Hand of Death cult through Toole, McKenna, and the Railroad killer.

Satanic Psychological Warfare


This section briefly focuses on mind control, in regards to its links to dissociation and (ritual) abuse, and some of it's relevant real life application. Then it explores early cases of solipsistic philosophy informing ritual abuse rings, before exposing modern day Satanic examples of these rings and the philosophy which makes up the culture facilitating it.

The Hand of Death Cult


This section focuses on one potential hitman and human trafficking ring known as the hand of death cult. This cult is comprised of 'Mafia' hitmen in America who network with trafficking gangs operating out of Mexico. Henry Lee Lucas and Ted Bundy are potentially fall men for this ring.

California's linage of killers


This section focuses on additional killers who may potentially be part of the Process Church ring due to their geographical and periodical closeness. It also looks at the curious similarities these cases seem to share and the pattern in which their killings occur making it seem as if they take over from one another.

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