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Trafficking, Pedophile, and Murder Networks

CP laws in the US.

It could very well be argued that the legal system in the US has provided rather advantageous conditions for pedophile networks to bloom and develop. For instance, CP was only banned from being produced or sold in 1978 and it took until 1984 to be illegal to trade it regardless of whether it was a financial transfer or not. In 1990, it was legal to possess CP in 44 out of 50 states.  But the development of the internet is what really made CP networks efficient, it is notable that in 1999 there were 1,125 internet-related CP cases which was double the number in the previous year. This explosion in cases led the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to decide that people cannot be arrested for computer generated sexual images that appear to be of children; digital CP is legal. The problem with this is that it can be argued that any internet shared CP cannot be proven to be of a real child beyond reasonable doubt, in fact it could even be argued that 'images' are digital copies of photos and are therefore digitally modified so they are not prosecutable. 

Gordon Thomas claimed that in the 1990s CP was already a 3 bill dollars a year industry (and grossed twice that worldwide), a lot of CP is made in US where it is part of the largest segment of movie making nationally. CP often trafficked via Disney packaging, interestingly enough Patrick J. Naughton, an executive of Walt Disney Co. who ran one of Disney’s websites, was charged with CP; but the internet CP decision was made one day later so Naughton was released on 100,000 dollar bail, he had pictures of actual children but the uncertainty surrounding the law led to his release. In 2001, the Supreme Court heard his appeal and upheld the decision of the other Court, so all fifty states can’t securely prosecute virtual CP. 

Media influence

It is questionable whether there is an attempted trivialisation of child molestation evidence by the media. For instance, the Woody Allen and Mia Farrow custody case was portrayed as an illicit romance rather than the media focusing on Allen being accused of molesting his adopted daughter, despite Connecticut State authorities believing that he did. They didn’t bother prosecuting him using the excuse that they ‘didn’t want to cause further trauma’. Also, in the Menendez Brothers case where they revealed abuse they suffered from victims (who were their parents) with hard evidence to back their claims up, they were simply attacked for using it as escape. We saw a similar attitude taken in the Susan Smith case where the child abuse she suffered was ignored despite father admitting to the chronic abuse. Lastly, consider Michael Jackson being accused of abuse simply resulting in Jay Leno (TV host) laughing it off and Jackson’s sister La Toya being ridiculed when she claimed that their father abused them.

The Media also aids in the sexualisation of young teen and pre-teen girls by making them sex symbols, for instance Tom Junod links pop culture’s drive for energy to the urge for what is fresh and new, naturally reflecting the same allure of jail bait. This link was suggested in an article in Esquire in 2001, it is a profile of Greg Dark of the former Dark Brothers (purveyors and creators of dark occultist porn). Dark was raised by a Satanist who read Aliester Crowley to him and who collected black magick books. He treasured them and liked to manipulate people. Dark produced and peddled CP as he used 13 year old Traci Lords in his films. He moved onto making music videos for Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, and Leslie Carter. Esquire did a later interview with Spears who said she walked around the house naked at 13, could this potentially be a sign of a sexualised private life as a kind of programming?

Entertainment has done a good job at normalising and infantilizing concepts to make them seem harmless which were previously socially unacceptable. Take magic for instance, occult concepts which were feared before now seem like fun ideas for children. This may well just be culture naturally developing, then again it seems hard to believe that it’s a mere coincidence that Walt Disney was a direct descendent of George Burroughs, the ‘grand wizard’ of the witches who were executed in Salem in 1692, on his mother’s side. But entertainment isn’t the only force that influences the worldview laid out by culture. In 2002, the Washington times did an article on a movement in academia for the sexual expression of children in a paedophilic relationship; it focuses on Judith Levine’s work which was published by the University of Minnesota Press. The work was essentially a defence of a Dutch law which lowered the age of consent to 12. Academia is involved heavily in the normalisation of paedophilia, which is becoming increasingly obvious today.

In 2000, the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality based in San Francisco argued that there is no considerable evidence of inherent harm caused by sexual expression in childhood. Gilbert Herdt, a San Francisco State University Professor was in Paidika ( a Dutch pro-pedo journal) defending pedophillia by attacking the term ‘child’, essentially as a social construct. Paidika also interviewed John Money (professor emeritus at John Hopkins University) who argued for legalising sex between men and young boys. The American Psychological Association did a study in 1998; they argued that ‘value neutral’ terms should be used to describe ‘consensual’ adult-child sex. The study’s co-author was Robert Bauserman (tied to Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene), previously wrote for Paidika. The academic movement to normalize paedophilia was largely started by Indiana University Professor Alfred Kinsey, a disciple of Crowley whose research led to the start of sexual education in the US education system. In the 1940/1950s, he released a report on human sexuality that claimed children are sexual from birth.  He died after visiting the Thelema Abbey in Sicily with Kenneth Anger (a film maker and godfather to Zeena LaVey).

Snuff films

Before covering these criminal rings, it is important to understand the concept of 'snuff films'. The term may have been coined from the rumour that the Manson family recorded their killings, but it is commonly absurdly claimed that snuff films don't exist. This claim is completely false as countless snuff films have been seized by the authorities, and to claim this is to honestly believe that since cameras have been invented no human has taken it upon themselves to record the torture and murder of another human. In fact, in 2003 police discovered there was a video on the internet of Fred West abusing a child (possibly his daughter Heather);  he was a serial killer with at least 12 victims and he filmed himself torturing and murdering them in his basement. Snuff is very real and like CP is the product that these rings can base themselves around, both in terms of production and distribution / secure consumption. The same can be said for 'red rooms' which are commonly put down as merely a myth, in reality lots of smut films are personalized to a customer and there is zero reason why this cannot be done live over the internet.

In 1991, Scotland Yard were investigating reports that 20 children were murdered for snuff in London. There was a ring of British paedophiles living in Amsterdam, they used gay brothels as fronts for underage homosexual trafficking, the boys were taken off the London streets or purchased from Eastern Europe. Alan Williams and Warwick Spinks where prominent members in the group, they made pornography and snuff films. The existence of the snuff films is backed up by the fact that there is remarkable consistency in the description of the torture used given by witnesses of the smut. In 1998, British detectives flew to Amsterdam with descriptions of apartments where witnesses viewed the tapes, the name of the owner and videotape, the name of the murder, a description of the events on it, and details about the victim including a name.  Dutch police turned them down and sent them back to England. The Detectives had also planted an undercover agent to befriend Warwick Spinks, who confirmed that trafficking and snuff was occurring, he said they made limited copies (only 10) and sold them to rich customers in America.

In 2000, arrests were made of 8 people in Italy and three in Russia, with 1,700 people being investigated in Italy in relation to a CP ring. The suspects were categorised, with the most serious being  ‘Necro Pedos’ who liked to see children raped and tortured to death. This was a snuff ring. The Texas House Select Committee on Child Pornography (1970s) investigators found that organised crime rings in major cities had ties to slave auctions of sixteen and seventeen year old boys being held in Mexico, and some of these featured in brutal snuff or slasher films. Similarly, a study from US mental health professionals claimed that children from Mexico can easily be delivered deep within the united states, and many are sold for the purpose of killing.

Pedophile rings

This book gives examples of pedophile rings which have been busted, but there are plentiful more not covered by it. These examples will be covered to give an idea as to the scope and scale of these rings.

In 1996, Mexican police broke up a international CP ring after it was investigated by a UN envoy, it was said that it had at least four thousand clients in the United States. In 1997, a Times report revealed that French police had arrested 250 people whilst confiscating 5,000 CP tapes, many arrested supposedly committed suicide. In the same year, 204 suspects were taken into custody in a CP ring case. 30 of them were teachers, one was a head teacher, there were numerous Priests, and a deputy mayor of Saint Mihiel. A Children’s rights group claimed that senior public figures cases were dropped, and over 60 verdicts of possessing CP were still due 3 years later. In 1998, international pedo ring operating out of Netherlands and Berlin with clients in Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia, and the US was busted. The ring was discovered when a key member was found murdered by another member, his apartment contained thousands of CP images and hundreds of addresses of suppliers and clients.

In 1999, two German men were arrested for running a CP ring in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic who had gang-raped children since 1993. Large quantities of film were found in their possession. The ring took Slovak children to Vienna to make CP; Marx Dutruoux regularly visited one of these towns. In 2002, FBI, Canadian Authorities, and Postal inspectors broke up sadomachosist porn ring (not unusual) of children (very unusual). Ten perpetrators were convicted, some beat their own children. They included a middle school teacher, a nurse, former boy scout leader, and a former Sunday school teacher. Michael Galuppo, a postal inspector, downplayed it as ‘biazerre ring that liked child spanking’. That same year, two brothers were arrested for possessing 5,000 CP images, 100 videotapes, and 8 mm films, some with young girls being tortured, raped, and killed. In 2004, the Italian police discovered a huge pedo network selling violent CP, with 5,000 suspects from America, Germany, and Italy. Some 2,000 children in the CP were tortured, raped and murdered, 1,500 people had been arrested but no one from a well placed pedophile lobby which worked to obstruct investigators and to create light sentences for pedophiles; a policy which was supported by politicians, according to the magistrate heading the inquiry.

In 1998 a series of gay killings in Sydney occurred, victims seemed to be linked through pedo ring. Frank Arkell (mayor of Wollongong) was murdered; he had faced 29 child sex charges. A convicted child sex offender was also attacked in his home in similar bludgeoning murder. Arkell was a key witness in the Royal Commission into police corruption which uncovered the pedo network in question. Whilst it could potentially be a vigilante killing off paedophiles, it’s more likely the ring covering for itself; in fact the whole myth of pedophiles being hated in the criminal world and being screwed in prison seems to be just another means of discarding serious inquiries into the murders of convicted paedophiles who may know too much about a given ring for their own good. This is similar to how Mobsters sell the idea that they despise women abusers whilst simultaneously beating down the physically weak, including women; clearly they are just using PR to cover their business. Pedo rings lurking in the background surronding serial murder cases will pop up again elsewhere.

Internet Pedo Rings

In 1998, a pedo network which originated in US called Wonderland was raided. It was named after Lewis Carroll the author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, he liked to photograph naked underage girls and the mother of Alice Liddell (who the character Alice was based on) had banned Carroll from their home. Police in 14 countries and 22 US states raided the ring of over 200 people, with over 107 being arrested. But further investigation revealed it actually stretched to 47 countries. Over 750,000 computer images of children were seized, and at least over 1,250 children had been abused. One raid in Missouri led to cache of illegal weapons being discovered. A retired air force pilot,  a microbiologist at the University of Connecticut, and  a computer consultant in Colorado killed themselves shortly after being arrested. Operation Cathedral in UK resulted in 8 arrests, one of these people turned up dead and the others were given 12 to 30 months prison time. This is seen as largest police raid against pedophillia ever. Many members of Wonderland had ties to Orchid Club, a ring spanning three foreign countries and 9 states (16 men arrested in past as part of this club). The ringleader and others convicted of crimes had recruited relatives and their children’s friends to be molested. Live feed cams were a thing (as in Wonderland), members could send in requests to see certain actions of molestation play out.  The Club even held pedo summit on April 20th. In 2001, four men were arrested as part of Moscow based international Blue Orchid ring. They sold tapes online for 200 to 300 dollars, video duplication equipment in shipment boxes were discovered so there was criminal inquiries in 24 nations leading to 9 arrests and 15 search warrants. 4 people were arrested in Russia, 2 of these committed suicide. The ring offered custom made videos for 5 thousand dollars.

The day after the Blue Orchid bust, another ring was raided by British police leading to 30 arrests, these included a man working for a national youth organisation, a law enforcement spokesman said arrests were made of people from other ‘interesting professions’. There was even a 13 year old charged who was unsurprisingly a victim of abuse himself. In 2002, a US and Europe based pedo ring of parents abusing their children and sharing the videos was busted, 16 people were arrested and one of these committed suicide, Robert Boner (The Customs Commissioner) said it was unusual, which is strange since it wasn’t really and his experience should have told him so. In 2003, a Berlin based international ring involving 26,500 suspects across 166 countries was ‘busted’. There was 500 german homes raided, German Interior and Justice Ministries said that many of the suspects were teachers and police officials and so were extremely dangerous pedophiles. Eric Franklin Rosser, former keyboardist for John Cougar Mellencamp’s band, was on FBI’s top most wanted list for CP. He circulated CP on a ring called Teenboys which has over 1,800 members, making it bigger than Wonderland. There are approximately 100,000 websites associated with CP.

Paedophile Entrepreneurship

In 2001, Operation Avalanche (a federal investigation) resulted in 100 arrests with more being expected to occur including of high-level people like celebrities, doctors, and lawyers. The investigation started after a raid on Thomas and Janice Reedy who operated Landslide Productions, a company selling CP over the internet. It was a million dollar business; they even employed staff including a Customer Service Representative and a receptionist. The company’s website acted as portal to multiple CP websites. The raid on their house in 1999 produced a database of 75,000 subscribers (over 35,000 of which were in the US). Operation Ore launched after details of 7,272 UK individuals given to authorities there (which strangely was 3 months after American authorities had obtained them), but only a few arrests occurred. Many suspects were not investigated for four months after the details were transferred to British authorities. Detective Chief Inspector Bob McLachlan (former head of Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit) said this delay allowed evidence to be destroyed and that police lied to the public about prioritising paedophilia.

90 out of 200 initial suspects were police and others were also linked to the criminal justice system. The Register and Sunday Times had the list of suspects, they claimed it included at least 20 senior executives, service personnel from 5 military bases, GPs, University academics, Civil servants, a famous Newspaper Columnist, a songwriter for famous pop band, a member of a charts topping 1980 pop group, a high profile Labour Cabinet Minister, and an official in the Church of England. The Scottish arm of the investigation led to zero arrests of child sex abuse. Many people were questioned like Matthew Kelly (actor and presenter) and Pete Townshend (Guitarist), police officers, care workers, and teachers. Alexander Cockburn of ‘The Nation’ defended Townshend by making the point that simply having a photo of a child can get you done for CP if prosecutor claimed you had lust in your heart. He had also earlier denounced McMartin prosecutions, and the linking of Son of Sam to Occultism. There may have been nuggets of truth to his arguments, but they were completely irrelevant in Townshend’s case as Landslide offered rape and torture CP.

CP database

In 2001, Interpol agreed to set up an electronic library of child sex victims; it would first be loaded with the 750,000 photos seized in the British Wonderland raids. In 2003, the US Justice Department promised to set up the Victim Identification Program which would contain photos seized from suspects, which would technically make them the owners of the largest CP collection in the world. The aim is to get the illegal photos together so that advanced imaging recognition software can be utilised to identify children to help locate them. It could also be an excellent tool for investigating child abuse claims since there is a chance any abuse may (and chronic abuse almost always will) be recorded and put online for social and economic reasons, so it could help confirm whether a claim in question is true or false.  

But as researcher Arlene Tyner points out, some of these victims were turned over to military and CIA doctors by abusive relatives and intelligence agencies have been known to blackmail producers of CP in order to gain access to their children. Thus, raids on paedophile networks which seem to result in few arrests and light sentences could ultimately just be compromise operations (the arrests being those who refuse to co-operate or fall guys). The databases could be used to access dissociative people, or in other words those who have suffered extreme and often early on abuse, for mind control applications. Perhaps even more controversial conjecture could be that intelligence agencies wish to document and control the CP market in its entirety not in order to stop it, but rather to profit from it themselves. After all intelligence agencies have partaken and aided in both drug, weapons, and human trafficking; so why not CP as well? Finally, since Dave wrote the book, there have been plentiful examples of those in the intelligence agency monitoring CP having turned out to be paedophiles themselves and utilising their easy access to such content. Nor does it take a lot of research to see that since Dave’s book the amount of CP, arrests, and estimated numbers of paedophiles involved in rings has exploded to even more crazy heights.

Child Trafficking and Prostitution

It’s at least about a 5 billion annual industry worldwide, with 600,000 trafficked children working at any given time in US and Canada. It’s a low priority issue for legal authorities, so it gets very little attention. Most trafficked children are victims of child abuse at home who then run away and are recruited off the streets to then be brought to major child prostitute markets in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In 2001, the University of Pennyslvania’s School of Social Work did a study written by Richard J. Estes and Neil Alan Weiner which was released 24 hours before the world trade centres came crashing down, it details how Globalization has led to a sharp increase in all kinds of child sex crimes and the use of children in labour, drugs, and warfare settings. The Study found that 20% nationally trafficked children are by organized criminal units along set tracks, many had a variety of false IDs to use, the majority used drugs and also helped to traffic drugs (normally as mules), 10% were trafficked internationally and most of these were from developing countries, internationally trafficked children are more profitable. 10% of pimps in US are tied to international sex crime rings and often international drug rings. There is a 10 billion dollar annual trafficking industry according to the United Nations Children’s Fund.


Clearly these are advanced operations requiring networks of people and likely powerful connections. As the CIA is involved in international drug trafficking, they may well traffic children too. It is certainly the case that powerful people in positions of authority have been involved in trafficking. For example, Barney Frank’s (a Democratic Congressman) home was used for escort services between 1985 and 1987 by his lover Stephen L. Gobie, the son of a Marine Corps Master Sergeant and Pentagon budget analyst. Frank wrote letters to probation officials to cover for the ring. Gobie operated out of Chevy Chase Elementary School with Gaberiel A. Massaro (the former school counsellor and the principle), Gaberiel admitted that the ring was run out of the school.


The claim that authorities are involved is further backed up by DePaul University’s International Human Rights Law Institute which released a three year study on sex slavery. It found that two million women and girls internationally are sex slaves; it also found that there was the complicity of authorities so victims were often returned to perpetrators when seeking help. It is claimed by some that there is 200,000 children going missing annually in the US, this number could be inflated but we are uncertain as the FBI doesn’t keep track; potentially failing to do so in order to cover up the reality.  Nor does it need mentioning that an absurd amount of immigrant children go missing in the US, 4,890 (a third of the total amount supposedly being tracked) went missing within a four month period under Biden's watch.

But there is definitely an increase in child abuse; for instance between 1963 to 1988 cases rose from 150,000 to 2 million per year (a 1300% increase). Thomas claimed that in 2001, 90% of the teenage prison population were victims of child abuse. In Russia, the rise in child sex crimes has been linked to a rise in satanic sects committing illegal activities, so Alexsander Greshanin (Deputy Chief of the Ministry’s Main Crime Directorate) claimed he was going to investigate this.

Human Trafficking Ranches

In 1985, there was a ranch uncovered in Kerrville near Johnson City (the birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson). It was ran by German immigrants, they held 75 human slaves including young teens and controlled them via armed guards as well as torture with electrical cattle prods. Anyone that died there was buried on the site. The Texas Rangers ignored reports about the ranch for years but then finally raided it, it took 2 years go to trial after that. The rancher and one of his sons only received 14 and 15 years, the other son was acquitted. The media tried to play it off as nothing, but apparently the court transcript very much contradicts this. Similarly, there was a ranch in Southern California which caters to powerful paedophiles. It was adjacent to US military base and had been a concentration camp for Japanese Americans during WWII and then ‘deprogramming centre’ for Veterans after Vietnam. There are numerous witness statements of children being abducted from around the country and then taken to the ranch to be tortured. Serial killer Leonard Lake apparently had worked there for a period of time.

There was also a ranch near the Mexico city of Juarez excavated in 1999, located precisely where serial killer Henry Luce claimed the Hand of Death cult maintained a ranch, it was a clandestine burial ground within the sight of the US border. The authorities expected to exhume around 100 to 300 bodies including FBI and DEA informants. The Investigation then expanded to include three more potential burial grounds. US authorities fully took control, taking bodies they found back to US. Mexico’s attorney general claimed the early reports were wildly off the mark as only 3 burial sites and nine bodies were found. But some of the victims had disappeared after being detained by men in Mexico police uniform. Peter Smith (the UC San Diego director of Latin Studies) claimed the clandestinely of it all suggests corruption. There are estimates that 500 women have gone missing in the area since 1993, yet officials claim that the bodies have no link to any of them.

The Finders Cult

The finders is a group of 40 people led by Marion Pettie with various homes including duplex aparement in Glober Park, and a 90 acre farm in Madison County. In 1987, authorities investigated the abuse of 6 children who were found with two men in Tallahassee, the children were unkept, had been living in a van, and the girl showed signs of sexual abuse. Five of them were uncommunicative, the oldest said that the men were their teachers. The men claimed to be Washington teachers, and that they were taking the children to a school for brilliant children in Mexico. This led investigators to finding material in a Northeast Washington warehouse (naked children photos) which pointed to the Finder’s Cult (a 1960’s style commune) which used brainwashing to control children for rituals. Some of the material showed children engaging in cult rituals, according to the U. S. Customs Service this included bloodletting rituals on animals and a child in chains. Raids were done on the apartments of the cult, amongst the items seized were instructions on how to obtain children. The men’s charges for child abuse were dropped. That same year, Customs Service Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez wrote a series of memos about the investigation. It revealed that the men were Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammerman, an anonymous telephone call had alerted authorities that they were watching children in the playground area. The children testified that they were only allowed outside and were only given food as a reward; they were also animalistic and ignorant of technology. Detective Bradley had been given information by an informant on the finders cult and their blood rituals and sex orgies with children as well as an unsolved murder potentially being linked to them. This information was used to match the 6 children to those believed to be in the custody of the finders, and to identify the men with those suspected of being part of the 40 person cult. They then obtained warrants to search the Warehouse where the cult ran businesses from and storage location of children (both provided by police).

At the storage location there was a man connected to the finders with documents about obtaining children which included information on trading, purchasing, kidnapping, and impregnating female members of the commune. In the room there was a telex messaging system there, one telex specifically ordered two children purchased from Hong Kong via a contact in the Chinese Embassy. Documents also included details on high-tech transfers, properties under the control of the finders, terrorism and explosives, evasion of law enforcement, and summary of events of previous day about the arrests. A set of instructions had been telegraphed advising that children to be moved to different jurisdictions.  At the warehouse he saw the CP and blood rituals photos involving a pregnant goat and male goat which were executed and dismemberment by white-robed children; including the baby goat inside the womb. Documents showed that the finders were in London, Germany, Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, Costa Rica, and Europe in general. There were also project plans such as one dubbed ‘Pentagon Break-In’ which were commercially motivated. Intelligence files on private families seemingly unrelated to the finders were also present; these were created by responding to requests for babysisters and tutors to fish for information. Data also collected on childcare organisations. The warehouse had a video room as an ‘indoctrination centre’ using organisations own videos, there were ‘training areas’ for children which contained alters as well as jars of urine and faeces. Police with the help of U. S. News tried to paint the groups acts as legal but just eccentric to justify the lack of action taken.

He arranged to meet up with Detective Bradley to review the evidence seized, particularly that involving international trafficking, but he was unavailable, only a third party was available to meet up and this person only discussed the case off the record. Passport data had been handed to the State Department who deemed the travel legal, movement had occurred to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam in the late 1950s to mid 1970s. The Metropolitan Police Department report had been classified as SECRET, the FBI was withdrawing; indicating the CIA had gotten involved. There were allegations that the finders had links to the CIA as Custom Services were barred from viewing evidence collected by D. C police in 1987 due to it ‘becoming an internal matter’. D. C. Police did not release the police report and refuse to comment on it, the CIA claim that their only tie to the finders is that a firm providing computer training to CIA officers employed several finders. In reality, the firm was actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finders organisation, and it is unlikely that CIA would put themselves in hand of private organisation when they had their own capable men. Also, Marion Pettie’s late wife worked for the CIA as did his son for a CIA proprietary firm called Air America. In 1998, Marion did an interview where he admits that during WWII his organisation was an open house to intelligence people in Washington like OSS people passing through. But he was a counter-spy; he claimed he sent his wife into the CIA to spy on them. He admits finder links to the CIA but claims there are no personal links.

Juarez - The trafficking city

Multiple women have disappeared in Juarez. The first Juarez victim was found in 1993, and the first suspect was Abdel Latif Sharif Sharif. He was born in Egypt and was sexually abused as a child. By 1981, he worked in Palm Beach as a chemist and Engineer; during this time period he beat and raped a 23 year old woman. He got probation for this crime, but spent 43 days in prison for another rape. He also beat his bride and in 1983 he beat and raped another woman. In 1984, he was sentenced to 12 years, but less than 6 years later he was paroled and was allowed to remain in the US. He then worked in Texas at Benchmark Research and Technology; during this time he shook hands with Senator Phil Gramm and was praised by the US Department of Energy. In 1991, he was arrested for drunk driving, but faced no repercussions.  In 1993 he raped a woman; strangely enough Texas dropped all charges in return for him leaving the State. He moved to Jaurez to work at Benchmark’s maquiladora (a foreign owned low-cost factory in Mexico which can export products tariff free amongst other benefits). In 1995, he received thirty years for rape. The Rebels, a gang of nightclub workers led by Aremendariz Diaz (el Diablo) who were supposedly paid by Abdel whilst he was imprisoned, were arrested for the Juarez murders. But they later claimed that the confessions were obtained via torture and were fake. In 1999, five members of The Toltecs led by El Dracula (Jesus Guardado Marquez) confessed to 15 collaboration murders with him, but they later recanted these claiming they were extracted through torture. Despite all the arrests, the murder rate didn’t slow down. The FBI sent in Robert Ressler who claimed Resendez-Ramirez (the railroad killer) did it, yet his 1999 arrest didn’t slow murder rates.

In 2001, eight bodies were discovered in vacant lot 300 yards from the Association of Maquiladoras headquarters. The suspects were two bus drivers, torture was used by the police to obtain false confessions with visible burn marks showing evidence stun guns were used on them as noted by Oscar Maynez Grijalva, the chief forensic investigator on case. Oscar found no supporting evidence for their confessions, and claims he was asked to help plant evidence brought to them by police officers. He resigned in 2002, he was outraged and claimed that police were involved in the killings; he then received consequential death threats. In 2002, Jorge Campos Murillo (the federal deputy attorney) claimed juniors, sons of wealthy Mexican families, were involved which resulted in his transfer from the case which he now refuses to comment on. Irma Rodriguez Galarza took over, her daughter and husband gunned down on the family’s porch. The spokeswoman for a victim group points out there is zero attempt to hide evidence at the murder scenes because there is no fear of the police doing anything. The Observer claims those involved in killings come from prominent families including gov, police, energy companies, construction barons, drugs barons, and landowners. Some Mexican officials claim that 6 people were having women kidnapped for murder orgies; guilty parties seem to be prominent men with ties to major business, drug cartels, and politicians in President Vicente Fox’s administration.

In 2002, police killed Mario Escobedo Jr., he was the attorney representing one of the bus drivers. He was chased by unmarked vehicle at night so he lost control of the car and then was shot. His partner Dante Almarez was threatened with death to make him drop the case. The documentary film ‘Senorita Extraviada’ reveals that the bodies showed evidence of ritual sacrifice and had been alive long after their disappearance. Often only clothes and skeletal remains were found; some bones had been mismatched, some bones were found to soon before decomposition would have set in, and body parts would appear in already searched areas. Police refuse to follow leads and destroy evidence, burning over 1,000 pounds of victims clothing. One victim was arrested and then raped in prison, she claimed that her captors showed her smutt with a woman being burnt alive. Some victims had been burnt alive, others were killed differently. The bodies which weren’t skeletal show signs of torture, branding, and gang rape. Some reports of consistency across the bodies like slashing on the breasts, highly suggesting narco-satanic rituals. In 2002, two more victims were found, then in 2003 three more were and the bus driver died of routine hernia operation after his family received death threats, four bodies were discovered one week later (police refused to acknowledge one of these despite witnesses seeing it). That year, suddenly Western media gave the murders lots of coverage, they claimed it was organ trafficking ring which had over 90 women killed, they also claimed that an unidentified American brought the organs to the US. A Federal investigation was launched into this claim. Oscar claims to have never seen evidence of missing organs in bodies he examined. 

The North American Free Trade Agreement (1994), a piece of Globalist legislation, was said to turn Ciudad Juarez into city of future, in actuality it allowed corporations to profit off the corruption and poor corrupt governance in Mexico by giving them special privileges under law. In 1965, Mexico’s government offered Western corporations privileges under law to build factories (maquiladora programme) on their side of border, allowing them to export their products tariff free. Juarez has 500 of these factories (the highest concentration of any city), 80% are American owned. This led to great population growth but with little infrastructure funding, causing even greater poverty. The streets are ruled by drug lords, narco-related executions and kidnappings frequently occur in broad daylight by death squads working for these drug lord. In fact, Juarez houses Mexico’s foremost drug trafficking organizations. In 2004, Mexican federal police arrested two drug cartel members who they claimed to be involved in mass murder of 12 people in a home in Juarez, 13 suspected complicit police officers detained were also detained. Thus, it is pretty clear that the where the line between the drug gangs begin and the official authorities end is rather thin. Victims tend to be the maquiladora workers (70% of these workers are young women) who get stuck alone in the street after being locked out of the factories. Many Juarez victims had modelling photographs taken of them at work, could it be that these are taken by recruiters to use as catalogues for potential victims? After all, there are remarkably similar occurances in Chihuahua City, Nueva Laredo, and Matamoros; all of which are maquiladora towns along US border. It is almost as if human trafficking is part of NAFTA, which so perfectly collides total poverty with extreme wealth at the Mexican border to create the perfect conditions for it. This Mexican-Texas ranch structure will provide the backbone for the aforementioned Hand of Death Cult.

Fransico Fuster Escalona

This case perfectly exemplifies the tell-tale signs we may see where an individual is deeply involved in a pedo ring. In 1969, Fuster had murdered a fellow motorist in NYC by shooting him twice which was witnessed by an off duty police officer, it’s somewhat strange that the officer wasn’t shot as well. Fuster was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he was released after 4 with psychiatric care. In 1980, an unidentified assailant shot Fransico Fuster Escalona in the side of the head at his place of work. Fransico claimed it was a botched robbery, but the police thought it was more like an attempted execution.  In 1982, Fuster was arrested for a lewd assault of a 9 year old girl but only got two years probation, during this time he and his wife Illiana started a babysitting service. The probation office allowed the service to continue despite violating his probation as it brought him into contact with over 50 kids, 30 of which reported abuse. They lived on housing estate so a commercial enterprise was illegal, yet his business seemed to be a officially sanctioned service by the management of the estate (Arvida, a subsidiary company of Walt Disney, who later denied links to fusters operation). Dade County also granted him an occupational licence to run the business despite him lacking the other required licences. He also terminated psychiatric treatment in 1983 by himself. In 1984, Bobby Dean went to Fuster’s house with a loaded gun hoping to kill him, but police arrested him before this happened. Two days later, Fuster turned himself into custody after an arrest warrant was released due to his neighbour’s telling the police that he and Illiana had abused children left in their babysitting service run from their Country Walk home.

Before turning himself in, the neighbour’s observed Fuster packing boxes into a white van so they contacted Detective Donna Meznarich (who seemed disbelieving of their claims), he failed to respond until too late the next day. The children testified about the abuse, it included pee and poo ‘games’; a photo presented at trial showed Jaime (Fuster’s young son) smeared with excrement. The children forced to drink ‘magic punch’ which was a mixture of Gatorade, urine, and drugs. A close friend of Fuster’s mother and his uncle owned a pharmacy from which they got the drugs. The children and their family’s lives were threatened, parents who complained were sent death threats on the phone and by mail, and even had dead chickens left on their doorstep. The children were also forced to witness ritualistic murders of animals (decapitation), they were also abused themselves and partook in rituals where they were recorded and photographed. Fuster denies having video equipment, but Jaime claims to have seen video equipment and guns being loaded into boxes. Fuster lived very well; he had six bank accounts where he frequently deposited 20,000 in cash, so it is likely that he produced CP and profited off it. The children were also made to watch snuff films. Curiously, some said that they were hypnotised by Iliana who wore a ‘hypnotizer’ chain around her neck.

At trial, the defence wanted to make it seem like overzealous prosecutors again in line with the ‘Satanic Panic’ narrative. Originally the defence was headed by an ‘expert’ (who had no qualifications) called Ralph Underwager who was a founder and mouthpiece of ‘Victims of Child Abuse Laws’, a group for defending convicted pedos. Lee Stewart Coleman, who also had ties to VOCAL, took his place; he had helped to ensure that the defendants would not be successfully prosecuted in one of the McMartin linked preschool. Fuster was found guilty on all fourteen counts against him, so in this case the police had actually tried and potential future child victims were protected. Sadly, in most pedo ring cases this is not what we see. The difference in treatment from other cases could be due to the fact that the parents were a police sergeant, a police lieutenant, two former state prosecutors, and a former chief assistant state attorney. He was sentenced to imprisonment until 2150. Arvida paid 6 million to the victims.

Justice wasn’t completely served. Two other men were involved, ones identity was even known to State whose wife had run her own babysitting service. They were not prosecuted or pursued.  Also, a Santeria priest attended with his mother and uncle at the trial, suggesting the family had occult links and may have been involved more than peripherally. This case led to other cases being investigated in the Miami area. One investigation found hundreds of photos of a child molester with young boys, he was arrested and then shortly released; two days later he was found dead (shot in the head), it was of course ruled a suicide and ultimately curtailed the rest of the investigation. The child molester’s house which acted as his studio was across the street from an elementary school. In 1993, Harold Grant Snowden was made Officer of the Year by the South Miami Police Department, yet he ran a pedo babysitting service with his wife, which he was later convicted for after two trails. F. Lee Bailey handled his appeal; Bailey had represented a US Air Force Captain in South Carolina who was accused of molesting multiple children in the 1960s. In 2002, former minister and radio evangelist Troy Cecil Snowden was arrested around the same area when weapons, CP and other illegal unspecified items were found in his home.

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