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Killers as tools for the Elite

The unsolvable case of the Ramseys

Sometimes, a crime committed by members of the Elite will simply go unsolved due to the systematic protection they receive; as is likely the case in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Her father John Ramsey was the son of a WWII pilot who later became the director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. John had served as a Naval officer and pilot in the Philippines in the late 1960s. John formed a company called Access Graphics, this went on to become a subsidiary of Lockheed-Martin (one of America’s largest military and intelligence contractors) whilst John served as the company’s president and CEO. The vice president of operations was Donald Paugh who was John’s father in law and a former Union Carbide Engineer. Paugh had three daughters which his wife Nedra tightly controlled even when they were adults; John married the oldest of the three daughters: Patsy Ramsey. Patsy was a former beauty queen (meaning she took part in child pageants) and had been on Miss America, where a judge described her as ‘a little automaton’.

On the 23rd of December, during a party at the Ramsey house which was attended by 100 guests from the local elite (though the guest list has not been made public), a 911 call was made for unknown reasons. It is confirmed that Bill McReynolds, a Colorado Journalism Professor, attended the party to play Santa Claus. In 1974, Bill’s own daughter had been abducted with a friend from McReynold’s house, she was released unharmed but witnessed an assault on her friend; no arrests were made. Not long after the kidnapping, his wife Janet wrote a screenplay titled ‘Hey Rube’ about the abduction and torture of a young girl whose battered body is discovered lying on a basement floor. At the JonBenet funeral service, Bill talked about not only about her but also other children he had been close to before their deaths. On the 25th of December, the evening before JonBenet was found dead, she had attended a party at the home of Fleet White, an oil company executive and family friend, with her parents and brother Burke.

The family returned home at 9:30 PM, JonBenet was already asleep so they put her to bed at 10:00 PM. The official story is that Patsy claims to have woken up at 5:00 AM and headed down the backstairs, which were generally only used by those familiar with house, there she found a ransom note causing her to discover that her child was missing; yet initially she claimed to have noticed JonBenet’s disappearance before finding the note. At 5:52 AM she called the police, Burke’s voice could be heard in the call yet his parents maintain that he was sleeping. They called White straight after. The ransom note was 2 and a half pages of hand written ramblings which were withheld from the public and media for 9 months. The ransom demanded was 118,000 in cash, the exact amount of Christmas bonus John had just received, the note’s authors claimed to represent a small foreign faction and that they would call between 8 and 10 AM; the call never came. The responding officers failed to secure the crime scene, allowing the family’s pastor and friends to come and go with no effort being made to prevent contamination. Detectives took until 8:10 AM to arrive at the scene, and then it took another 12 hours for the coroner to arrive who only examined the body and crime scene for 10 minutes. At 10:00 AM, the Police let John leave unescorted for over an hour ‘to pick up the mail’. They didn’t even separate the Ramsey’s for questioning and didn’t even bother questioning Patsy.

There was no search of the house done by the family or police until 1:00 AM when a detective finally suggested that they do it; they assigned the task to their prime suspect John Ramsey who carried it out with White. They went down to the basement and found her almost immediately, despite White later claiming that he had checked the basement earlier and found nothing, her body was in an out of the way area only known to family members by the Ramsey’s own early admission on CNN (though later on they denied this fact). Her body was on the floor wrapped up in a blanket, there was a strip of duct tape over her mouth, and her right wrist was loosely bound above her head; the same type of cord used was also wrapped around her neck with broken paintbrush handle taken from Patsy’s art supplies attached to create a garrotte. She wore white pyjama bottoms which covered her blood-stained white panties, a blacklight inspection revealed that there was semen on her thighs yet the medical examiner left this out of the report. Some investigators thought her binding looked staged and that she had been redressed. She had been sexually abused, severely beaten causing skull fractures, and then strangled to death. In her left palm a small red heart had been drawn. A chain bearing a crucifix was around her neck, and she wore a bracelet around her wrist bearing her name on one side and the probable date of death on other (25th December 1996). Investigators smelled decomposition and rigor mortis had fully set in.

John removed the tape (though there was no mention of tape residue in autopsy) and carried his daughter’s body upstairs; detectives moved the corpse and put a blanket over her destroying the evidence. One officer recollected that John didn’t cry until he laid her down then started moaning whilst checking who was looking and that Patsy kept staring at John through splayed fingers whilst making sobbing sounds, no consoling happened between them at all. There was zero evidence of intruders or forced entrance found, there were no footsteps outside despite most of the ground being covered in snow. The ransom note pages were torn from Ramsey’s own legal pad and a specific pen found in the house was likely used; a potential false start of the ransom note was found on the first page of the legal pad. The lead Detective Steve Thomas concluded that Patsy wrote the note, 74 suspects’ handwriting was analysed and only hers couldn’t be excluded, he also accused her of changing some elements of her handwriting style after the murder. Why would a person break into a home, murder a girl hide them in that house’s own basement assuming she wouldn’t be found, then find the materials to write a long rambling ransom note with zero intention of actually calling to claim the ransom? The parents flew her remains to Atlanta to bury her next to her half sister; Satanists later burnt JonBenet’s grave, the grave of Mary Phagan who was only buried a mile away was also disturbed, her body too had a head wound and a cord around its neck.  The following day they appeared on CNN despite being ‘too grief stricken to talk to the police’. Patsy was kept heavily sedated after the murder to the point she had no recollection of the weeks immediately following the murder, and reportedly Burke was as well.

The law firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, George, Mackey, and Foreman (Hal Haddon’s) was used by the Ramsey’s. Cyril Wecht pointed out that the firm had deep connections in the Democratic power structure which controlled Colorado. Hal Haddon managed Gary Hart’s US senate campaigns and unsuccessful presidential bid. It also had ties to District Attorney Alex Hunter, a prosecutor known for his extremely lenient enforcement of drug laws making the city attractive for narcotic traffickers. Since 1969, Hunter had been a limited partner in a business enterprise with John Ramsey’s civil attorney called William Gray.  Haddon also had links to former governors Roy Romer and Richard Lamm. The firm are well known for handling high profile cases where they got cases dropped or the defendant’s sentences dramatically reduced. They defended Rockwell International Corporation’s ‘Rocky Flats’ nuclear weapons plant where a raid discovered that radioactive waste was illegally being dumped into the environment like in rivers, fields and the atmosphere; despite the overwhelming evidence no officials were charged and the company paid a nominal fine. In 1990, they represented a journalist called Hunter S. Thompson who was facing sexual assault charges, which got dropped. Witnesses in the Franklin cover up claimed that Thompson was producing child snuff films, he now pens a column called; Hey Rube. Patsy was represented by Patrick Furman and Patrick Burke (Haddon partners), Burke had won the acquittal for the white supremacist accused of killing Alan Berg (a radio personality). During the investigation Burke was seen chatting with Peter Hofstrom, an assistant to Hunter, and Tripp DeMuth, one of Hunter’s prosecutors.  John was represented by Haddon partners Lee Foreman and Bryan Morgan (he was once nominated to be justice of Colorado Supreme Court), Morgan regularly had breakfast meetings with his friend Hofstrom. Burke Ramsey was represented by the Haddon team as well.

The Ramsey’s hired a spokesman called Patrick Korten. Korten had served as the consultant for the Office of Personnel Management in the Reagan administration, as chief spokesman for the corrupt Ed Meese-run Justice Department, and as a mouthpiece for Lt. Oliver North and the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America. They also hired FBI profiler John Douglas, they tried to hire Douglas’s former colleague Gregg McCrary who rejected them after saying that it looked like a staged domestic homicide. They hired two private investigation firms whose detectives interviewed nearly all witnesses approached by police. They hired Lou Smit, a retired homicide investigator who was famous for solving the murder of Karen Grammar; the sister of actor and accused paedophile Kelsey Grammar. Smit had initially been hired by hunter to collect evidence against the Ramsey’s, before joining their team a year and a half later. This would have led to the transfer of confidential info to the Ramsey’s, but the police complained about Hunter constantly sharing information with the Ramsey’s anyway, to the point that he gave them copies of their initial statements and police reports before being questioned by the police. Burke has remarkable security to shield him from media and police questioning, the excuse given was to ‘protect him from killer’.

The State had a team as well. Criminologist Henry Lee (who partook in the OJ Simpson trial) was hired as a forensic advisor to District Attorney Alex Hunter. DNA experts Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld also joined Hunter’s team despite the fact that, at least the time of writing, no DNA evidence had ever been produced.  The boulder Police Department was led by Chief Tom Koby, he had previously been deputy and assistant chief to the Houston police department. In Houston he had been mentored by Lee P. Brown, Brown became the NYPD chief and then the federal drug czar in Washington. Before relocating to Houston, Brown was the Police Commissioner of Atlanta during the string of child murders. In an unusual move, Koby retained the police’s own representatives, a trio of private attorneys. One was Robert Miller who had recently teamed up with Haddon on a civil suit; another was Daniel Hoffman who had been defended by Lee Foreman in a malpractice suit.

Some officers on the Boulder Police force tried to investigate properly but the FBI, Denver Police Department and District Attorney Office constantly impeded them. A gag order was placed on investigating officers early on. In April of 1997, Boulder Police stopped sharing information with Hunter’s office, shortly after the computer containing the Ramsey case files was hacked into. In the same month, the Ramsey’s submitted to the first formal police interviews. On the same day, James Michael Thompson, who worked for a private company specialising in transporting corpses, stole two pages from the morgue book of Boulder Community Hospital which documented the arrival of JonBenet’s body. He was prosecuted for the theft and for abuse of corpses after posing many in his care. He then tried to burn down the Ramsey house, Patsy had expressed a desire for the house to be destroyed, despite this officers claimed that Thompson’s actions had no connection to the murder. Shortly after, the decay of the local authorities began. City Manager Tim Honey left, then a third of the city council’s members, the mayor, the head of Chamber of Commerce, and Tom Koby as well as Police Commander John Eller both opted to step down. It is likely that public officials decided to step out of public view due to their presence at the party(s) associating them with JonBenet and the conspiracy that resulted in her death.

Allegations of prior abuse had circulated about JonBenet; pageant footage of her showed they had marketed their daughter as a sex symbol. This isn’t that rare sadly, as there is a whole child pageant industry where kids have their hair dyed, teeth capped, plastic surgery, chests bunched up with tape to create the illusion of cleavage, and have their eye coloured enhanced via contact lenses. The children are then photographed in sexualized poses by highly respected child photographers. 3,000 child beauty pageants are held every year, Jonbenet was part of a billion dollar a year business with 250,000 other girls. The autopsy report showed that the body had chronic genital inflammation, foreign matter in her vagina, and epithelial erosion. A detective claimed that John Meyer, the corner, said that sexual contact had occurred; but he made no mention of it in his report. Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago’s pathology department determined that her vaginal opening was twice what was normal for girls of her age and that the genital injuries were evidence of non-penis penetration and are evidence of molestation both on and before the night of her death. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a respected forensic pathologist, claimed there was clear evidence of sexual abuse and had she been to an emergency room like that her father would have been arrested. Yet she had been taken to her paediatrician twenty seven times in the previous three to four years, he lied claiming this was normal rate of visitation for a child her age and that he saw no signs of abuse. Cellmark Diagnostics in Germantown, a CIA-linked forensic lab which was involved in the OJ Simpson trail, couldn’t return conclusive findings on biological evidence it received on the case.

Police records show warrants were sought to search their house for pornographic material. Three days after the body was discovered, police seized computers, computer disks, CD-ROMs and at least 150 video tapes and photography equipment as they suspected someone was into CP. John allegedly frequented a Denver porno shop. A stun gun was possibly used to incapacitate JonBenet, her parents claim that they never owned a stun gun but one of the seized videotapes was instructions on how to use a stun gun. Reportedly, the computers at Access Graphics were loaded with CP; whether this is true or not after the murder significantly more guards were added and security was increased at the Access Graphics headquarter.  Therapist Mary Bienkowski, after receiving testimony from a 10-year long female patient, claimed that her client was a past victim of a pedophile ring in the Boulder area with direct links to the Ramseys. This client had provided police with names of people who witnessed JonBenet’s murder; they also provided evidence of the ongoing abuse of other children. FBI agents interviewed the client, who then went into hiding in fear of her life. The Boulder Sheriff’s office called her a crank, saying that she had a history of making false reports, but she claims these reports were not false but un-investigated; there is zero indication that the leads she supplied this time were investigated either.  But there are numerous potential and charged pedophiles surrounding the case.

Randy Simons was the most expensive and best child photographer in area; a pageant mother claimed he approached her about shooting nude photos of daughter, an offer which she refused. In 1996, Simon took cover-girl shots of JonBenet, she was often photographed with Daphne White, her best friend and the daughter of Fleet White. Shortly after JonBenet’s death, Simons left his wife and daughter in Denver then moved to a remote area of Colorado. He reportedly placed frantic calls to friends expressing a fear for his life. He also wrote an article in a pageant newsletter ‘Stagelines’ claiming that paramilitary types were pursuing him, he expressed concern to the publisher’s that someone may release inappropriate photos of JonBenet. Richard Bruce Thomas, a computer consultant living an hour away from the Ramsey house, had been arrested in the Wonderland raids. He was found shot to death in his home in 1998, but the death was ruled as a suicide. James Partin, a prime suspect in the 1983 disappearance of a 14 year old girl from Idaho Springs, was arrested on charges of distributing CP on the internet; his home was found to have a photograph of JonBenet Ramsey. Author Stephan Singular took this new evidence to both Alex Hunter, Detective Sergeant of Boulder Police Department Tom Wickman, and one of the Ramsey’s private investigators called Ellis Armistead; but all of them refused to follow the leads. Gary Oliva, a convicted paedophile who was into the Occult and who had a habit of colleges out of little girls before burning them as well as fantasying about cannibalism, claimed to have accidently killed JonBenet in a letter. He had been to the Ramsey house multiple times for unknown reasons; he was at an address 10 blocks away on the night that she was murdered. There is also a photo of a woman who looks incredibly like Ghislaine Maxwell (the accomplice of the infamous pedophile Jeffery Epstein) behind JonBenet Ramsey, though of course far-left propagandist ‘fact checkers’ like snopes deny that it is her.  Maxwell does have links to Haddon.

JonBenet had undigested food in stomach and small intestine, thus she had eaten close to the time of her death. The Ramsey’s version of events holds that she ate earlier at party but not at home, they try to explain this away by suggesting that her captor fed her despite going on to kill her, but no food was missing from the house. This means that the captor forgot to bring materials to write the ransom note or even just a prepared note, but they remembered to bring packed food. So, it’s likely that she was killed at the party. Upon being found, her body had decomposed to the point it was emitting an odor despite the basement being cold, this better lines up with the theory that she was killed at the party. By the Ramsey’s own testimony, she was limp upon being carried home; thus claiming she was already asleep is likely a cover just in case any witnesses saw her being carried. If the ligature was staged then it was likely done to create the impression that the abuse occurred in the basement to draw attention away from the party; the ligature may have even originally come from party. It’s most likely that JonBenet was supposed to disappear so that it appeared to be a kidnapping case. After not being able to dispose of body, or perhaps the body being kept in the house when the parents had the assumption that someone was going to take it away, John Ramsey pretended to discover the body. They were probably pimping her out to rich clients or a paedophile ring, and one of the clients ended up killing her. The clear effort on the part of the system to cover up crime, and the media coverage given to this one murder case despite there being thousands of child murders occurring, showing that powerful people clearly had a desire to control public perception surrounding it, suggests that both of the parents were in on it as were a wider elite.

The incorrectly settled case of the Lindberghs

Sometimes, complete patsy's will be used to pin the blame on for a crime committed by the Elite. Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., also known as Eaglet, was murdered. Eaglet’s father was the aviator Charles Augustus Lindbergh, his father in turn was a prominent attorney and US congress man and his mother was Evangeline Land (the daughter of Dr. Charles Land). Charles Augustus’s grandfather (on his father’s side) was a member of the Swedish Parliament before moving family to US in 1860. Eaglet’s mother was called Anne Morrow Lindbergh; her father was Dwight Morrow who was the US ambassador to Mexico and a partner at J. P. Morgan, he was also a close associate of Wild Bill Donovan who was the Office of Strategic Services Director (the precursor to the CIA) and a MK-Ultra operative. All families were closely tied to American’s intelligence infrastructure. For example, Dr. Edwin Land was the driving force behind the U-2 spy plane project and the chairman of an intelligence sub-committee, he went on to found the Scientific Engineering Institute which was a major funding conduit for MKUltra projects.

In 1905, Evangeline and her husband’s farmhouse burnt down so they lived apart but remained married (her husband became a congress man around time), Charles remained with his mother for the rest of his childhood. She kept him isolated; she was so hated by the locals that she and Charles were shot at, at least once. He became fascinated with guns and aviation, so he joined the Army Air Corps in 1924. Three years later, he made his famed trans-Atlantic flight and became the first international celebrity; he received a Congressional Medal of Honor and toured country. He settled down in the opulent Guggenheim estate where he hung out with John D. Rockefeller Jr., Herbert Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., and Dwight Morrow. Dwight introduced him to Anne in 1927; they married in 1929 after just 3 dates. Eaglet was born in 1930, around that time Charles began working in the Rockefeller Institute in NY alongside Alexis Carrel. Carrel was a Eugenics advocate calling for mass extermination of unfit; Carrel wore a black hooded robe in his lab and made his assistants do the same thing. Charles got plane to do survey flights, he called it ‘Sirius’ named after the brightest star known as ‘Dog star’, many Occultists believe it represents Lucifer.

In March of 1932, Eaglet disappeared from the newly built two-story Lindbergh family mansion in Hopewell; the official narrative is that child was kidnapped from remote home. For this to be possible, the kidnapper would have had to know the following things: the location of child’s second story room, the fact that the shutters just so happened to be the only ones which didn’t properly latch, the fact that Charles had ordered that the child not be disturbed before 10:00 PM that evening (there were 5 adults in the well-lit house that evening), and that the family would be in that evening as they usually only stayed at this location on weekends. Charles had requested that they go there on this non-weekend day for unknown reasons. Furthermore, Charles was notorious for keeping guns making a home invasion incredibly risky and he had a dog which was known to bark at slightest provocation; yet it didn’t bark once entire evening. As soon as the disappearance was discovered, Charles announced that there had been a kidnapping before even attempting to search house or finding the supposed ransom note. Anne first thought that Charles had done something to the boy as did Bettie Gow, the child’s nursemaid. Charles had staged a fake abduction two months previously by hiding the child in a closet for 20 minutes. This time, Charles presented a note which he claimed to have found on a windowsill near the nursery after the room had already been searched by Anne, Betie, and Elsie Whatley (a family servant).

Charles made a series of phone calls, first to his attorney and friend Colonel Henry Breckinridge (a former Assistant Secretary of War), then to his friend, and head of the New Jersey State Police which is designed and run as military entity, Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Norman was a West Point graduate and WWI veteran, he aided a CIA coup to install the Shah of Iran, and was the father of George Bush’s Desert Storm commander (Norman Schwarzkopf Jr). Charles then called Colonel William “Wild Bill” Donovan, all three joined the investigation. Henry brought Robert Thayer (an associate of organized crime figures), he was married to standard Oil heiress and was a CIA agent working under State Department cover. Admiral Emory S. Land became peripherally involved later; he was also an intelligence operative. When the police arrived, Norman and Charles led the investigation. The police failed to secure the crime scene, instead they set up a command post in the garage and brought in extra phone lines to induce media circus where reporters were allowed to trample over the crime scene. The only evidence obtained was a badly constructed ladder, zero evidence was found in the actual room including there being no fingerprints at all; it’s likely someone wiped everything down. Charles hired numerous organized crime figures to help in the investigation, he even tried to get Al ‘Scarface’ Capone freed.

In May of 1932, a mutilated decomposed child corpse was found less than three miles from the home, the only thing nearby was a Catholic orphanage across the road. The corpse’s left leg, left hand, right arm, and most of its internal organs were missing. The autopsy was performed by funeral home director Walter Swayze who was completely unqualified, but at the time it was claimed to be done by Dr. Charles Mitchell, this fact was kept covered up for forty five years. The report stated that a blow to the head was the cause of death, it based this on claims of skull damage evidence but no photos were taken during the examination. Charles positively identified the body, his daughter Reeve claimed he checked the teeth, hair, and clothing. But that is unlikely since he was in and out of morgue within 90 seconds. The body was 33 inches tall according to autopsy report, but Eaglet was only 29 inches tall, as confirmed by the missing person posters. Eaglet’s physician couldn’t positively identify remains despite spending more time with it than Charles. Charles ordered the body’s immediate destruction, so the body was cremated within 24 hours of its discovery. Anne claimed that she never saw him shed even a single tear for the boy.

The morrow family maid, Violet Sharpe, allegedly committed suicide using cyanide just before a head of State Police visit in 1932. Schwarzkopf claimed he found her dead on arriving; he had been relentlessly harassing her. Henry Liepold (a gardener) was a suspect, a hand writing expert thought he wrote note; he allegedly killed himself in 1933. Oliver Whately (another household servant and thus potential witness), died of unspecified causes before trial. Red Johnson (Bettie Gow’s boyfriend), who worked for a business partner of Dwight Morrow, was held by police without charge for eighteen days before being shipped off to Norway. In 1934, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder. He was denied access to an attorney, sleep depraved, and beaten to extract a confession. He was put into a line up alongside two burly Irish cops (one still had his uniform on), alas he was positively identified. The New Jersey State Police moved his wife out of their home, assumed the lease and moved in to plant evidence. A week after the arrest, an officer living in the home ‘discovered’ an alleged missing floorboard in the attic which was allegedly partially used to construct the ladder.

Hauptmann’s attorney was Edward J. Reilly, he was provided by the New York Daily Mirror. He only spent 15 minutes worth of private counsel with his client throughout the entire trial. He was also visibly drunk in the proceedings, and was supplied with a study stream of prostitutes. No deposition of witnesses was allowed (so they couldn’t talk to potential witnesses for evidence purposes) and no discovery evidence had to be turned over by the state, in other words the prosecution’s case was hidden until the actual trial. Multiple witnesses called by the state gave perjury testimonies which contradicted their prior testimony before a grand jury and to the police, including Charles’s himself. Charles was literally allowed to sit at prosecution table with a loaded handgun in a shoulder holster throughout the trial. The judge routinely overruled all defence objections and sustained all the prosecutions’, and openly mocked the defence’s case in the summation to the jury. The defence didn’t even challenge the identification of body. Hauptmann was given a death penalty. Two weeks after the verdict, Reilly suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to a Brooklyn mental hospital in a straightjacket, weeks later he was back in action as if nothing happened. All the appeals were denied, the final one from the US Supreme Court in 1935. New Jersey Governor Hoffman openly accused Schwarzkopf’s team and the prosecution of fabricating evidence, announcing his intention to go to Board of Pardons. Hearing this, the Lindberghs went to UK. Hauptmann was executed three and a half months later. Charles soon ended up in Nazi Germany; he became a mouthpiece for Nazi propaganda and developed close ties to Nazi elite like the Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering.

The Ring's killer

Why cover up one inconvenient murder when you can package multiple murders together and pin all the blame on someone with the nice label of 'serial killer'? In 2001, Emile Louis confessed to murdering seven women who had disappeared between 1977 and 1979; at the time of their disappearances investigations into them had been suddenly dropped and they were listed as run aways. Emile later withdrew his confessions and claimed that the girls had been abused, abducted, and then killed by a ring of high-ranking local men. In 2002, the French justice ministry (ran by Marylise Lebranchu) fired prosecutor Daniel Stilinovic, transferred Jacques Cazals from his post in the Paris public prosecutions office, and stripped retired prosecutor Rene Meyer of his honorary title. They were found guilty of a range of ‘errors’ since they were involved in the Louis case. Further inquiry into the missing girls resulted in Suzanne le Queau, the chief prosecutor of Auxerre, claiming that almost all investigations of about 30 lost women who vanished in Burgundy in the last 30 years were mysteriously shelved or deliberately mishandled. Also, Suzanne claimed that the files about criminal inquiries between 1958 and 1982, including 17 missing women, had been destroyed or stolen. Dozens of inquiries after 1982 had been dropped. The lawyer’s of victim’s families believe that the disappearances were the doing of a powerful sex ring.

The known organised crime leader-lone nut

Patrice Alegre, a French serial killer who has been prosecuted for the murders of five women, was known to run Toulouse’s prostitution business in the 1990s. Despite this, at trial he was still presented as a lone nut. In 2003, former prostitutes of the Alegre case claimed that he was actually the leader of a sex ring which supplied drugs and women (minors included) for violent evenings frequented by senior policemen, judges, businessmen, sports personalities, and politicians. This testimony was received as part of a police investigation into corrupt police and magistrates in Toulouse as well as Alegre’s possible connection to a crime ring involving cocaine and minors. It’s likely that he was protected by police and magistrates; he was a policeman’s son and an employee of the police department’s cafeteria. Many of his murder victims had been officially listed as suicides. He allegedly committed these crimes in Toulouse’s Palais de Justice and at a chateau owned by the council. Jean Volff (Toulouse’s prosecutor general) was fired for covering up links between the exploitation of vulnerable girls and senior officials. Three judges were scheduled for questioning about them committing acts like the rape, pimping, and torture of underage girls. Furthermore, a Judge admitted to drinking with Alegre.

 Alegre claimed that some of the murders he committed were ordered by prominent citizens to silence witnesses and to eliminate blackmail threats arising from orgies. Two prostitutes who were recruited by Alegre for these orgies corroborated his claims. One judge admitted that there was some truth to the women’s claims that officials covered up Alegre’s crimes. Dominique Baudis was prominent politician, TV host, and Toulouse mayor between 1983 to 2001; he was preceded by his father who got the position 1971. Baudis apparently ordered some of the murders. Other unnamed individuals that did were a high-ranking police officer, a senior magistrate, and another ‘powerful individual’. Baudis owned Lake House which was full of hidden cameras; orgies were of course held there. ‘Le Monde’ claimed that the acts were real torture, not simply sadomasochistic activity, against prostitutes; many of which were underage. There were also allegations that Baudis had a sexual relationship with Alegre. Eventually, the investigation was expanded to 20 additional cases in 2003. That year, Michel Barrau was appointed as prosecutor general to the case, this raised alarms as he was credited with stopping investigation into corrupt politicians in Paris before the general election of the previous year. Within a month, the evidence had ‘evaporated’. Alegre readmitted to the murders after one of the two prostitute witness apparently claimed to have lied about seeing senior officials at orgies, she was arrested. And with this, the media moved on.

The Misfortune of the Stayners

In 1972, Steven Stayner was abducted by Ken Parnell and an accomplice called Ervin Murphy, Parnell held Steven as his sex slave for more than 7 years. As a child, Parnell had damaged his eyes by staring into a light, attempted to pull out his teeth, started fires, and attempted many suicides. Parnell had spent a lot of time in prison and mental hospitals including California juvenile lock-ups. In 1951, Parnell had kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 8 year old boy landing him 4 years in prison; Parnell was then convicted of armed robbery a few years later. Five years after his 7 year sentence, the abduction occurred; he had preselected Steven beforehand as Parnell worked at Yosemite Lodge which was located a few hundred yards away from the home of Steven’s grandfather; an exceptionally cruel man. Parnell and Steven emigrated to Ukiah.

In 1980, Steven left with 5 year old Timmy White who had just been abducted by Parnell; Steven was physically free to leave at any time before, but it was his desire to save White which broke him free of Parnell’s psychological hold over him. After returning home, his family reportedly never talked about the kidnapping. Steven was not allowed to go to therapy and by age 16 had moved out after dropping out of high school. Parnell was arrested and police found that he had molested lots of Steven’s friends as Parnell took Polaroid photos of his sex slave and potentially other victims; Parnell had pretended to be Stevens’ dad and let Steven attended a school under a false name. One such friend even helped Parnell in White’s abduction.

Parnell was only given a $20,000 bail so he could walk free after putting up a $2,000 bond for most of the crimes. He was however charged separately for his crimes against Stayner and White but only received 20 months imprisonment; for all of his crimes Parnell only served 5 years in total. In 1989, a documentary about Steven’s case came out called “I know my first name is Steven”, weeks later he was killed by an unidentified car crashing which turned into the path of his motorcycle; the driver and car subsequently disappeared. In 1990, Jesse Stayner (Steven’s uncle) was shot to death in his home by an intruder using his own shotgun. Jess had been the closest family member to Steven’s brother Cary. In 2002, Parnell was arrested in Berkeley for attempting to purchase a child.

In the early morning of the 16th of February 1999, three women were supposedly abducted from their room at Cedar Lodge where Cary worked and lived as a handyman, though there was no indication of a struggle having occurred in the tidy room and there was even the presence of damp towels showing that one of the women had showered. It was on the day of their check-out, though they didn’t go to the front desk. One of the women was Juli Sund and another was her mother Carole Sund, Carole’s husband Jens Sund didn’t bother reporting them missing until the next day after a round of golf despite having had no contact with them and them missing their scheduled flight. The Sunds were wealthy and were a branch of the Carrington Family. The third woman was Juli’s friend called Silvina Pelosso, Pelosso was from a wealthy well-connected Argentina family. The FBI intervened despite it being a missing person’s case, ten days after the disappearance the FBI called in two profilers despite there being zero evidence of foul play. Three weeks later their car was found, inside were the corpses of Carole and Silvina. It was located over 100 miles away from the abduction site, it had been professionally burnt thus removing all forensic evidence; the bodies were so badly burnt it was hard to determine their gender. Interestingly, the bodies were discovered in the car’s trunk the day after it was found despite the fact that the FBI would have been able to see them beforehand as the backseats had burnt away. Juli’s mostly decapitated body was found midway between the lodge and car site after an anonymous mocking letter hinting at its location was sent to the FBI. Carole’s wallet turned up in Modesto, 100 miles from abduction site in the other direction.

Many investigators, including Nick Rossi of the FBI and the FBI’s lead investigator on the case James Maddock, assumed that multiple perpetrators were involved as it was a complex crime. All of the suspects implicated were part of a drug-trafficking ring in the area. Billy Joe Strange was one, he was a night clean-up man at the Cedar Lodge Restaurant, Strange’s girlfriend was a night clerk at the Lodge and another suspect. Darrell Stephens was another suspect; he had a lengthy arrest record and occasionally roomed with Strange and his girlfriend. Jeff Keeney was suspect who started a police chase in which he dropped multiple drugs; his home had three portable methamphetamine labs. Michael Larwick was also suspect, his father had created a film clip in 1960s about bigfoot which is interesting as Cary was fascinated with mythical creatures and had claimed to see one, Larwick had a lengthy record including attempted manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, child stealing, deadly weapon assault, and drug offences. When Larwick was arrested he led police on high-speed chase, he shot an officer before starting a 14 hour standoff. During his trial, the Courtroom doors were locked to the press and public due to ‘accidental oversight’. Larwick’s childhood home was located near where the car was abandoned.

Convicted sex offender Larry Utley was an associate of Larwick, Utley was another suspect and he was deeply involved in the meth trade. He was an associate of Eugene Earl “Rufus” Dykes, Larwick’s half brother, Dykes was also a suspect as was his ex-convict father. Dykes claimed in custody that Larwick had admitted to playing a role in the kidnappings, he also claimed that Larwick gave him checks and jewellery which belonged to the victims. A friend of Dyke admitted being asked to forge ID in order to access Carole’s bank, another of Dyke’s friends admitted to transporting Carole’s wallet. Dyke’s girlfriend admitted that Dyke claimed he and another man had slit the three women’s throats. Dyke had taken a polygraph test which seemed to confirm his claims of being involved, he later admitted to first transporting the bodies and then committing the murders. Fibres found on Juli’s corpse matched those recovered from both the Jeep that Dyke used, his jacket, a truck owned by Dyke’s friend, and in Larwick’s car.  Fibres from Sund’s clothes also appeared in suspects’ vehicles. Fibre evidence is problematic, but it should be noted that many serial killers have been sent to death on far less substantial fibre cases. Rachel Lou Campbell, an associate of Larwick and Dyke, had Carole’s checking account and ATM numbers. Rachel was potentially the female who called the bank a week after disappearance to inquire about the status of account. Another woman testified before a grand jury that she had received a ring from Larwick, two Carrington clan members identified it as likely belonging to Juli Sund. All of these suspects were arrested on unrelated charges and evidence against them mounted.

In July 1999, a Naturalist living in Yosemite Park called Joie Armstrong was beheaded. There was supposedly clear evidence pointing to Cary as the murder, the case was also immediately declared to be linked to the trio murder despite the geographical proximity being the only similarity. Thus, the evidence against the drug network members was forgotten. Stayner was questioned and then released before being arrested the next day at the Laguna del Sole nudist colony, he clearly made no effort to escape. He rejected an attorney and in a detached emotionless voice confessed, soon after he confessed to committing all four murders to reporter Ted Rowlands. According to this confession, Cary somehow bound three women with duct tape, using a gun which has never been found to control the room; no victim was shot despite him claiming that two of the murders occurred in the room. Cary then carried them one at a time to his car, with one woman still alive, without anyone seeing or hearing this activity. He then cleaned up the room removing every single trace of a struggle. He then drove them to the first site to kill and dump Juli, before driving miles to another remote location to abandon the car and bodies. He then got a taxi back to Yosmite for 125 dollars, two days later he returned to the car to set it on fire in an unidentified vehicle. He then drove all the way to Modesto to drop off Sund’s billfold despite the fact he destroyed the rest of the evidence with the fire. This shaky story is the only ‘evidence’ of Cary’s guilt, and contradicts actual evidence.

The taunting letter was sealed with another person’s saliva according to DNA tests; the FBI’s spokesperson claims that Cary had tricked an unsuspecting male into supplying the saliva to seal it. Cary initially had an alibi of visiting a female friend which she confirmed. Evidence also suggests that the women were kept alive and not killed at the Lodge. A private investigator discovered signed credit card slips for purchases Carole made at Yosmite Lodge after she had disappeared. Yosemite Valley’s postmistress reported selling stamps to the women hours after the alleged killings, three witnesses from Sierra Village (a location near to the car site) reported seeing the women in the afternoon. The FBI admitted that there were credible sighting of the women on the 16th  and 17th, but these were ignored despite the witnesses several attempts to constant the agency like a Gas station owner who sold the women gas and a Gift shop owner who saw them in her business. One witness claimed that Juli was kept alive and raped in a Modesto home for days. The relatives of a man found drowned in April 1999 claimed that he had witnessed these assaults on Juli.

In 2000, Stayner entered a guilty plea for the Armstrong case, his federal plea-bargain agreement contained the provision that Stayner not communicate to anyone about the death of Armstrong after the judgement until his death. Cary got a life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Two years later, the State of California prosecuted him for the triple murders. The case was presided over by Judge Thomas Hasting; Hasting had presided over the Polly Klaas case where Richard Allen Davis was found guilty of murder and lewd acts on a child. Stayner was represented by Marcia Morrisey and Michael Burt; Burt had represented Richard Ramirez and Charles Ng.  The defence team from the start claimed that he had committed the triple murders; the press coverage was kept pretty minimal despite the case previously receiving a massive amount. Witnesses were mostly mental health professionals claiming that his family had a history of depression and pedophilia and that they considered displaying emotions a taboo. They claimed that Cary was molested by his uncle in his youth and that he had life-long OCD and violent impulses. They also brought up his psychiatric drug usage in the 1980s and his fondness for CP; he had bartered with FBI interrogators for CP in return for his confession. The image painted of him was contradictory to the claims made by people like local nudist / naturalist ‘Sunshine’ who claimed he was a gentle soul and free spirit. She had frequently gone skinny dipping with him in the Merced River alone yet he never acted inappropriately. In 2002, after less than 6 hours of deliberation, the jury returned a death sentence. Cary was described as a passive and kind presence for 37 years before the murders; the official story would have us believe he just decided to become a serial killer for no reason one day.

The Monster of Florence

In 1994, Pietro Pacciani, a farmhand who somehow had two houses and 75,000 dollars in cash, was convicted of 14 murders in Italy’s Tuscan woods. In 2001, the case was reopened in light of new evidence that the killings were masterminded by 10 to 12 high society Satanists. They carried out weird rituals and ritualised murders in their villas and were led by a distinguished doctor. Paccianis conviction was overturned; he was going to be retried but died of a heart attack; the investigating magistrate on the case Paolo Canessa claimed that the heart attack was caused by medicine being prescribed to him. In 2001, Criminologist and television talking head Francisco Brueno’s home was raided as his name was on one of the drug prescriptions which killed Pacciani. Paccinai’s defence attorney Carmelo Lavorino said that there was evidence that Pietro was dragged by his feet after death. Pietro’s close friend Renato Malatesta was hung in a stable with his feet resting on the ground, thus someone else must have been pulling on the rope. Malatesta’s daughter Milva and her 3 year old son were found dead in a burnt-out fiat panda. Francesco Vinci, Milva’s lover and Pietro’s friend, was also found dead in a burnt out car. Vinci’s son had an affair with Anna Milva Mettei, a prostitute who was also burnt to death.

Suspects thought to be part of this ring include a woman who beat up Pacciani’s wife and drugged her with sleeping pills to search her house in 1996, as well as an artist whom Pacciani had worked for; his house was full of incriminating evidence, but he disappeared days before the trial began to hide in Belgium. Also involved was a doctor and an ambassador. It was also looking possible that the Satanic sect was bankrolled by Italy’s intelligence community. In 2001, police raided the home of Aurelio Mattei, a Psychiatrist for the French secret service. Mattei had written a book in 1992 giving insider details about Pacciani case which the police wouldn’t uncover until a decade later. The investigating magistrate on the wider serial killing case, Michele Giuttari, claims that ‘The Monster of Florence’ was a cultured man of great professional success.

In 2002, profaned elderly corpses turned up which were linked to the case; the first corpse had been discovered on summer solstice. Shortly after, police issued a news blackout on the ongoing investigation. Satanic rites had been conducted at senior citizen’s home where Pacciani had been a gardener, one of the residents at the time was the father of Florence’s deputy attorney; many of the profaned corpses were connected to this home. The ritual killings were large operations involving scouting and look outs, it was all done on the orders of one man who would partake in the murders himself. Female body parts, particularly the left breasts which are of satanic significance, were used in black masses at night in remote Tuscan farmhouses.

The Atlanta Child Predators

Atlanta had the highest murder rate in America at time at the time of the ‘Atlanta child murders’. The killings are deceptively named, as six of the victims were in their 20s, and there were many more potential adult victims who didn’t make the official list. The purpose of naming the murders this was likely used to evoke public outrage against the official culprit, Wayne Williams, since his prosecution was reliant upon emotions and media sensationalism rather than reason anyway. The official list of victims had shifting parameters; so many connected cases were excluded in illogical ways. Chet Dettlinger, a former Public Safety Commissioner and assistant to the chief of the Atlanta Police Department, co-authored the list and claimed that 63 victims were arbitrarily left off the official tally. 25 of those were killed after the arrest of Wayne Williams. Atlanta’s chief medical examiner during the killings, Joseph Burton, affirmed that similar deaths continued after Wayne’s arrested. Later Public Safety Commissioner Dick Hand charged that the list was entirely artificial.

The killings began in 1979, yet before 1981 adults were not deemed to fit the profile and so were excluded. Parameters were then changed to allow an adult to make the list, 5 more adults were added in the following weeks but none of previous excluded victims were retrospectively added. Many female victims were excluded despite the fact that two of the earliest victims added were girls. Many young boys were excluded for arbitrary reasons. Thus, there is lots of uncertainty around the killings. The youngest official victim was seven year old LaTonya Wilson and the oldest was 28 year old John Porter. There is zero consistent pattern to killings apart from the fact that all of the victims were African-American and all but the first victim (who was shot) were killed by weapons of opportunity; another arguable exception is Aaron Wyche who broke his neck after being pushed from bridge. Though many bodies were too decomposed to tell the cause of death, and one body never found.  There are twenty-nine official victims. Most of the victims lived within the same four inner city neighbourhoods; they had various connections which Police ignored. Professor Carl Raschke noted that a number of children from these neighbourhoods told police about satanic sex abuse which involved them being forced to drink blood.

The first victim was Ed Smith, the second victim was Alfred Evans, they were good friends; they disappeared just four days apart. Multiple witnesses claim that Yussef Bell (the 4th victim) got into a car with his mother’s former husband, he was considered a suspect in the disappearance for over a year; however he was ultimately cleared after the black community became outraged over the suspicion. The fifth victim was Angel Lenair, she had been sexually abused but authorities ignored this. Another victim was Jeffery Mathis, he was last seen getting into blue car, another witness saw Jeffery alive in a blue car a couple of days later. Many victims were found wearing different clothing to what they were wearing on the day of disappearance and many had undigested food that differed from their last known meal, thus some of the victims were kept alive for a period of time. Shortly after Jeffery disappeared, boys in his high school reported men in a blue car attempting to lure them away from the school; they memorized the licence plate and gave it to police who failed to investigate the lead. The next victim Eric Middlebrooks received a phonecall on a Sunday night at 10:30, he then immediately grab his tools claiming that he had to fix his bike and left never to be seen again. It remains a mystery who called him. The next victim was LaTonya who was kidnapped from a occupied home, but the eyewitness account claiming the abduction would have been impossible to have occurred. A friend of her family was considered the prime suspect; once again the black community was strangely outraged. The next victim was Aaron Wyche, his death was deemed accidental until it was obvious that he couldn’t have fallen. Anthony Carter, another victim, disappeared whilst playing hide and seek outside his house at 1 AM according to his mother; her story was highly unlikely considering that he was 9. She was arrested, released, and then tailed as well as questioned until she moved out of the area; these actions naturally enraged the black community of Atlanta. In 1980, an activist group formed by the parents of the victims pressured the police into officially linking the 11 murders and to investigate properly.

The police were forced to create a task force, but by the end of the same month Earl Terrell disappeared. His aunt got a call from an unidentified individual claiming to have Earl and not to call the police; she then received another one demanding 200 dollars and claiming that Earl was in Alabama. In reality, Earl disappeared after leaving a public swimming pool which was located across from a house owned by John David Wilcoxen which acted as the hub of a CP ring. Wilcoxen was arrested for his involvement in this ring, thousands of CP photos were seized from his home, but Wilcoxen was never considered a suspect despite a witness placing Earl at the house on several occasions. The absurd phone calls achieved making the case a federal matter as it now potentially involved multiple states; soon after the FBI took over the investigation with 200 agents. They also brought along profilers in what was considered to be the first real test of profiling. Also flown in were the nation’s top detectives. Even Vice President George Bush came to town to coordinate federal and local efforts. Citizens had formed ‘bat patrols’, these vigilante groups patrolled the streets with bats; police quickly broke them up. Community organizers created mostly African-American search parties numbering in the thousands. Often working alongside these search parties were unexplained ‘white volunteers’ wearing flak jackets, they carried rifles and walkie-talkies and other paramilitary equipment.

The next victim was Clifford Jones, he was found dead alongside a dumpster behind a Laundromat, three young witnesses saw the Laundromat manager James Brooks go into the backroom with a young black boy; one claimed to see Brooks and a man called Calvin Smith rape and strangle the boy to death. Other witnesses saw Brooks wearing a ceremonial robe whilst carrying a ‘large object’ to the dumpster. Brooks admitted that Jones had been in the Laundromat around the time of his death, but he denied any involvement in murder; Brooks failed two polygraph tests about his involvement. The Police cleared him as a suspect, claiming that one of the witnesses (that being the one which witnessed the murder) was ‘retarded’. Around this time, the task force began to assemble the victim list. Darron Glass was the next victim, shortly after he disappeared his mother got emergency breakthrough call from a person claiming to be her son but when she picked up the line was dead. Shortly after, explosion occurred in a daycare centre in one of the black neighbourhoods killing four children, investigators claim that the explosion was accidental and due to a boiler malfunction. The next the victim Charles Stephens disappeared, his body was discovered quickly but an officer placed a blanket placed over the body thus contaminating the crime scene. A drug dealer and police informant had told police that he’d seen the body of a young black youth in the back of a male customer’s car, he knew the customer to be a pedophile who in the past had offered him cash to procure young males. This lead was ignored. Aaron Jackson disappeared next, he was a friend of Wyche and of the future victim Patrick Rogers, Rogers disappeared nine days later. Rogers was connected to multiple victims on and off the list.

Lubie Geter was the next victim, she was connected to Wilcoxen and another white male pedophile; this other man was also connected to a later victim called William Barrett. Three weeks later Geter’s friend Terry Pue disappeared, Pue’s body yielded fingerprints which didn’t belong to Wayne. The next victim Patrick Baltazar called the taskforce expressing fear for his life shortly before disappearing. His teacher then received a call from a sobbing boy which she suspected was him. Curtis Walker was next, his uncle who lived with him was also murdered but he didn’t make the list. Joseph Bell was the next victim, he knew many of the other victims. Bell’s co-worker received call after he was reported missing where Joseph begged for help saying that he was almost dead. Days later a woman called Bell’s mother claiming to have Joseph, she then called again later and talked to Bell’s siblings; the task force didn’t pursue these calls when they were reported. Ten days after Bell disappeared his friend Timothy Hill did, Hill was connected to Alfred Evans, Jeffery Mathis, Patrick Baltazar, and Anthony Carter. Hill frequented a home owned by Thomas Terrell, a known pedophile, two witnesses placed Hill there at time of his disappearance; one of these being Terrell’s neighbour. Terrell literally admitted to police that he engaged in sexual acts with Hill, yet he wasn’t prosecuted or considered a suspect. Larry Rogers was the first adult to make the list; the second was Eddie Duncan who was connected to Patrick Rogers. The next victim was Michael McIntosh who knew Bell and Nathaniel Cater (the final victim who was a drug dealer and homosexual prostitute), McIntosh was seen at Terrell’s house on numerous occasions. John Porter disappeared next; he was only added to the list later in order to build a fibre case against Wayne. Jimmy Ray Payne was the next victim followed by Barrett; police reports show that Barrett reported being in fear for his life after receiving threats from a ‘hit man’.

When he was young, Wayne had been installed as student council president by Andrew Young, the US ambassador to the UN. As a teenager, at a secret Government camp at a North Georgia lake, Wayne received espionage training according to his writing titled ‘Finding myself’. He was just 18 when he was taught to fire rifles, sub-machine guns, assault weapons, and grenade launcher. He also learnt unarmed combat techniques and went to a training group over his weekends. Lawyers were questioning if he could commit some of the murders due to his small stature, but CIA ‘physical training’ involved learning how to choke out anyone. The Junior Officer training programme, which is likely what Wayne experienced, was ran by the CIA. He often impersonated a police officer and had been arrested for doing so at age 18. By profession, he was a freelance photographer and a music promoter; thus he spent a lot of time looking for music talent in black youth, an occupation with lots of potential to be used as a cover for pedophile operations. Neighbours claim that upon the police becoming interested in Wayne, he and his father carried boxes out of their house and carted them away in a station wagon, they also burned negatives and photographic prints in the outdoor grill; thus they were likely CP.

In 1981, Williams was seen on a bridge at the time that a splash allegedly occurred in the river below, two days later Cater’s body was discovered downstream. However, the officer who filed the report didn’t immediately report splash, nor attempt to find source of it, nor even request equipment to drag the river to find it; so some investigators believe that this claim is false. The medical examiner couldn’t place a time of death until police assisted in accordance with bridge story. Yet four eye witnesses claimed to have seen carter alive the day after the purported bridge incident, but like the fingerprint evidence this was never introduced at trial; Wayne’s attorneys claim that they were never informed about the existence of these witnesses. After this, Williams was identified as the prime suspect; the media proclaimed him guilty despite the lack of any real evidence. The local district attorney hesitant about arresting Williams, but the FBI and other state and federal officials pressured local authorities into arresting him. Williams didn’t match the witness descriptions or composite sketches.

His trial began in 1982. He was publically branded the ‘Atlanta Child Murder’ despite only being charged with killing two adults: Cater and Payne. Despite this, evidence from the child murders which he wasn’t being charged for were allowed into court; testimony about 10 other killings was allowed. Georgia Supreme Court Justice George Smith points out that Wayne had to defend himself as to 12 killings whilst only being charged for 2. Other than that, the State’s case was based on fibre evidence. Fibres from his car were claimed to be found on a victim, yet the victim had disappeared before Williams even had the car; thus it was clearly planted. Jones supposedly had fibres on him linked to Williams, contradicted all the evidence that he was killed at the Laundromat. Payne literally had ‘undetermined’ as the cause of death on his death certificate; this was later changed when state needed an actual homicide victim. Wayne’s defence attorneys didn’t request for change of venue despite his vilification in the media, they also had Wayne take the stand in his own defence; something a good defence attorney would never do. Wayne actually did well for two days, but then his attorneys advised him to be combative, leading to, as Jurors described, Wayne being his own worst enemy.  He was found guilty of both the murders. Upon his conviction, the other victims’ deaths were automatically declared to be solved. Then again, before the trial even began emergency hotline posters had been taken down from phone booths, buses, and schools as had reward signs. Extra police patrols had also been withdrawn and the task force was reduced to only 6 members. With the media leaving Atlanta, it was clear that the establishment assumed that the case was finished.

FBI documentation purportedly shows that KKK member Charles Sanders confessed to his involvement in many of the killings to incite a race war. Thus there is speculation that the FBI and CIA were involved. What is clear is that a well-protected pedophile ring was at least connected to multiple of the victims. A witness called Shirley McGill (a Miami cocktail waitress) claimed that the murders were done by a cult involved in drug trafficking, CP, and Satanism; her claims were made public by Roy Innis, the head of the Congress of Racial Equality which did independent investigation. She claimed that the cult had members in Georgia and Florida, one of its leaders was her part time lover Vietnam veteran Parnell Traham. She claimed to have witnessed animal and human sacrifices as well as ‘business murders’. She identified Wayne as a member who filmed the rituals. She claimed to be a bookkeeper for the cult’s drug trafficking operations which worked by purchasing used cars in Miami to pack with drugs before delivering them to Atlanta and Houston. One funeral home was complicit in disposing of bodies and the ring had police protection. She passed two polygraph tests, repeated her story under hypnosis, was deemed sane by examining psychiatrists, and could lead investigators to remote sites where rituals had clearly been performed.

A few months before they attempted to publicize her claims, police received an anonymous call which led them to an abandoned house in southwest Atlanta. Neighbours reported strange comings and goings at odd hours, inside the house there was an odor of decaying flesh and investigators found children’s clothing along with an ax, a hatchet, and two bibles nailed to a wall open on human sacrifice passages. Months after McGill came forward, searchers found a ritual site littered with slaughtered animals; it contained a stone alter stained with blood and high charred cross. Many of the victim’s parents told multiple independent investigators that crosses had been carved into the foreheads and chests of their children. So were the killings Satanic rituals used to produce snuff films? This is likely the case, but there is one more speculative interest group with a speculative motive.

Atlanta is the home of the Center for Disease Control, the organisation which potentially created the AIDS virus. The killings began around the same time as the first AIDS cases, which were yet to be identified, were discovered in many American cities. Is it possible that some of the young victims were deliberately infected with AIDS to test the spread and nature of the virus? Many of the pedophile linked to the victims died of AIDS in the years following the murders, for instance Brooks died of it in 1987. Suppressed details of case hint at medical tests being done on the victims. A law enforcement memo during the investigations described the castration of some of the victims, and a mortician’s assistant found syringe marks in the genitals of many victims. At the time, the disease was thought to only affect gay white males, so lots of black boys suddenly dying of AIDS would be highly suspicious. There’s nothing impossible about a pedophile ring knowing or unknowingly providing a Government agency with expendable child and adult experimental subjects in return for protection? After all, the Elite clearly have no problem with using 'serial killers' to cover up their dirty laundry.

The Ultimate Evil

Author Maury Terry wrote a book called ‘The Ultimate Evil’, in it he claimed that the murders carried out by the Son of Sam, Manson Family, possibly the Zodiac Killer, were actually hit contracts carried out by interlocking networks of satanic cults. His main claim is that David Berkowitz (the son of Sam) was just one gunmen and a patsy for the cult. There are certainly links between many Satanic cults in America at the time of the killers in question. For example, Ottis Toole, Henry Lee Lucas’s accomplice, paid a visit to the New Orleans headquarters of Process Church.  Lucas claimed that his ‘Hand of Death Cult’ was involved in drug trafficking and that his cult was involved in narcotics as it had Mexican Ranch ties, mirroring the drug trafficking activities of both the Process Church and the Manson Family. An associate of Manson called Bill Mentzer was potentially tied to Berkowitz. Furthermore, hitman and Satanist Kenneth Mckenna tied Lucas and Toole to Rancho Diablo and has links to feral House books; the publisher of the Process Church. It is possible that the Manson family was a faction of the Process Church’s Pi cult, acting as a sister group to a New York chapter which was responsible for the ‘Son of Sam’ killings as well as a Santa Cruz faction potentially responsible for Zodiac killings.

Terry’s book was based on Ed Sander’s book ‘The Family’ which was recalled by the publishers with two chapters gone; mostly to protect the Process Church. Critics use this event to claim that the book is false, but only the US publishes recalled the book; the UK publishers refused to and legally won in Court. In 1979, John Santucci, a Queen’s District Attorney, reopened the Son of Sam case claiming that Berkowitz didn’t act alone. Santucci cited evidence like the sketches greatly differing from how David looked; in fact the NYPD sketches gave 7 different looks to the killers. He also cited the fact that a number of people identified by David as being involved are now dead under mysterious circumstances. Scribbled on the walls of David’s apartment were the private phone numbers of prominent doctors living on Long Island, the number of a large Scientology training centre in Florida, and the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club which is located in Long Island near a military base which has been linked to mind control operations. Furthermore, an Art dealer called Andrew Crispo admitted to being present at ritual homicide with a son of an UN executive, though he denied partaking in murder. Crispo had links to Berkowitz.

Therefore it is clear that there are plentiful links between what are undeniably dark Occult groups which have surrounded multiple serial killers. However, with my limited knowledge I believe that some of these links are too weak and thus I struggle to conclude that there is / was one monolithic Satanic network. Thus, I have split the information Dave had gathered about these killers into what I see as three clear satanic networks; one such network is separated between those who are geographically linked and those who are more strongly linked. Despite of this, I will try to keep my input at a minimum as I only seek to make Dave’s research more accessible rather than promoting any agenda.

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