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Creating a Patsy: The myth of the serial killer

Casa Pia - The orphanage for the Elite

Before we discuss how it is that serial killers act as usual tools for the Elite and criminal networks, first it should be demonstrated that plentiful paedophile and trafficking networks have undeniable Elite connections; so much so they are perhaps one in the same. In 1999, Latvia police uncovered an operation involving over 2,000 severely abused children, allegations of elite connections being involved in this operation were spreading so a parliamentary commission was created. In 2000, the report the commission produced was given linking the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, the Director of the State Revenue Service, and army as well as police officers to the operation. In response, red-baiting occurred, the establishment asserted that the chairman had ties to the former KGB. The guardian reported in 2002 that Portugal’s Elite were linked as well; the operation was run from the Portuguese State orphanage ‘Casa Pia’ in Lisbon. Photographs containing senior government officials with young boys from the orphanages were obtained after the arrest of Carlos Silvino, a former orphanage employee. The systematic sexual abuse had been happening for 20 years whilst known to the authorities. Casa Pia was founded by a police superintendent, it had been scrutinised 20 years ago after a young boy died. The circumstances surrounding the death were strange, the orphanage door had been open all night, boys from there were in a male prostitute cruising area, and four children went missing for a fortnight; they were found in the flat of diplomat Jorge Ritto.

Teresa Costa Macedo, the former secretary of State for families, had previously sent a dossier containing photographic proof and eyewitness testimony to the police. For this she became a victim of threats and intimidation. Police denied that this existed, but they later produced the dossier. She testified in Court that Antino Ramalho Eanes (the former president) and Jaime Garcia (the former foreign secretary) also knew about the abuse. At least 128 children had been subjected to sexual abuse; others who have passed through the orphanage cannot be confirmed to have been abused or not. Witnesses claimed that they were offered enticements before being raped and were also recruited for sex parties with ‘powerful friends’ of the groomers, these were facilitated by Silvino. Notable people who were arrested and / or questioned were Carlos Cruz (Mr. Television), Manuel Abrantes (a former director of Casa Pia), Joao Ferreira Diniz (a doctor at Casa Pia), Jorge Ritto (an Ambassador to UNESCO), Hugo Marcal (the attorney to Silvino), Eduarado Ferro Rodrigues (Portugal’s Socialist Party leader), Herman Jose (a talk show host), and Paulo Pedroso (a former labour minister). This kind of systematic abuse is often covered up; organisations like ‘Innocence in Danger’ tried to publicize the problem of this child abuse ring but faced a ‘media blackout’.

The Spencer ring

Craig Spence was a republican powerbroker who was involved with a paedophilic callboy ring which serviced elites from both political parties and visitors to Capitol Hill. A list of 200 clients was discovered, included government officials, locally based US military officers, business men, lawyers, bankers, congressional asides, and media representatives. The guest list for Spencer’s parties specifically included the former CIA director William Casey, former Deputy Director of Intelligence Ray Cline, Congressman Barry Frank, senator John Glenn, senator Frank Murkowski, Phyllis Schlafly (a political activist), journalists William Safire and Liz Trotta and Ted Koppel and Eric Severeid, attorney general John Mitchell, former ambassadors James Lilly and Robert Neumann and Elliot Richardson, General Alfred M. Grey (commander of US Marine Corps), Lt. General Daniel O. Graham (the former head of the Defence intelligence agency who was heavily involved in the space defence initiative), and US deputy assistant attorney general for the justice department Victoria Toenesing, and celebrities including Roy Cohn and Rock Hudson. The former US attorney under Ronald Reagan, Joseph diGenova, was also on the list. He served on the Church Committee which investigated MKUltra. Toenesing was his wife and she was the former chief counsel on the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence 1981-1984. Both frequently met with and went on trips with Spence.

Spence provided at least four late night tours of the white house to the call boys, these tours may have been arranged by Donald Gregg, the national security advisor to at the time to Vice president George H W Bush. One such tour occurred after Spence saw Ted Koppel at Nightline studio where he introduced him to a 15 year old boy. Spence had first met Ted in South East Asia as Kopel was the ABC bureau chief in Hong Kong and Spence was ABC correspondent in Vietnam. Spence bragged of working with the CIA and Bush / Reagan admins on covert operations in multiple countries, apparently whilst working in Vietnam under journalistic cover Spence disappeared for weeks at a time for no apparent reason. A former bush economic advisor claimed that the State department provided foreign diplomats with prostitutes for sex through special funds, but the ring was a CIA blackmail operation in reality. Spence’s manor was filled with surveillance equipment. The scandal was largely ignored, including by the liberal press. 20,000 documents pertaining to the ring were sealed by Court order and the U.S Attorney’s Office issued gag order. Spence was found dead in the Ritz-Carlton hotel room 429 in Boston five months later, after telling a friend he may disappear suddenly and his death would look like a suicide. The door to the room was barricaded and there was no obvious or given cause of death. He had been subpeoned to appear before a grand jury (apparently few witnesses did ever make it to that jury) and was supposed to give an interview to Penthouse magazine.

The Ohama operation

Larry King (a Republican) ran a pedo ring out of Omaha, he had links to Spence, Reagan, George Bush, and general Oliver North. His Franklin Community Credit Union collapsed in a scandal, so the Franklin Committee was set up to investigate financial improprieties. It instead ended up looking into claims of paedophilia and ritual homicide surrounding King, many members on the committee began to receive anonymous threats were received. The ring involved Harold Andersen (George Bush’s lunch partner), Peter Citron (local Columnist), a judge, the mayor, the Game and Park Commissioner, a prominent attorney, a former police chief,  business man Alan Baer, and billionaire Warren Buffet; potentially even George Bush directly. The local press called the investigator’s effort a ‘witch hunt’. Pronto (a Spanish newspaper) claimed that the CIA was likely involved and the FBI sabotaged efforts to investigate the ring. A film called ‘conspiracy of silence’ was made about it by the Discovery Channel which claimed that the ring was very real, it was pulled from air in 1994 days before it was meant to go public and most copies of the film were destroyed.

The Franklin Committee first assigned Jerry Lowe to head the investigation, who said that no action was taken by the authorities despite there being documented child abuse dating back years. Most of the children had been recruited from Boys Town (a charitable organisation). John DeCamp, a member of the committee, went on to write ‘The Franklin Coverup’, his book documents the abuse and the efforts by the FBI, local police, grand jury which was assigned, and the media to cover it up. There were 15 mysterious deaths surrounding the case, including Franklin Committee investigator Gary Caradori whose private plane fell out the sky in 1990. He had received multiple threats, his vehicle had been tampered with multiple times, and he told his brother that he had a book of addresses and phone numbers which if they knew about would lead them to kill him. The wreckage of the plane was over a 1 mile stretch, showing it broke up in the flight (according to a National Transport Safety Board Investigator). His briefcase was missing among other items, and the FBI impounded his records within twenty four hours of his death. Absurdly, the NTSB ruled it an accident.

Senator Schmit, who was then leading the Committee, ordered a private investigation. William Colby was selected to investigate due to his protégé DeCamp requesting it, Colby was a veteran of intelligence operations and a former OSS member during WWII. In 1950, Colby ran Operation Gladio, a series of stay behind operations facilitated by WU, NATO, and the CIA in Europe by aiding fascist sleeper cells in case of Soviet occupation of a given nation. In the 1960s, Colby ran the Phoenix Programme which created and programmed assassins during the Vietnam War by using mind control techniques. His top aide in Vietnam was John DeCamp. Colby then became the Director of the CIA under Nixon. He concluded that there was no specific evidence of sabotage. DeCamp was either completely ignorant of corruption (unlikely) or himself trying to curtail the investigation by getting Colby involved. Many of the victims were thrown in prison for ‘prejury’, one victim got 9-25 years (King got 10 years less for looting 40 million from his financial scandals). Schmit said that the grand jury acknowledged that given victims had been abused, but they made zero attempt to prosecute the abusers and convicted Alisha Owen of perjury instead. In 1999 Paul Bonacci, who King had abused and used to make snuff films, could only sue him in a District Court (a Civil Court) for 1 million dollars. Paul had developed Dissociative Identity Disorder so he had 14 personalities and had been threatened to be kept silent multiple times after the abuse, king admitted to being involved in ‘organized and directed satanic rituals’. King was released by the time McGowan wrote this book.

An inter-ring ring

Professional Services Inc acted as a cover for male escort services. Robert Chambers was prosecuted for handling the credit card processing of this organisation. He was a funeral director and the son of the owner of the Chambers Funeral Homes chain. He also potentially had links to Henry Vinson who ran operations known as Dream Boys and Man to Man, he had previously been a mortician and a corner of Mingo County but had left those occupations after faking his death. He married a woman who became coroner, filling his old role. He received a 63 months sentence, which is a complete departure from mandatory sentencing guidelines, he had been given legal representation from Greta Van Susteren (a Fox news host).

Profiling - The great lie.

Serial killer profiling has been used by the FBI to misinform the public by dismissing elements of crimes that are clear patterns as irregularities whilst also fabricating some of the common characteristics shared by serial killers. It is worth having a general understanding of how profiling developed as a ‘science’ in the US. In 1962, Robert Ressler served as agent supervisor for the US Army’s Criminal Investigations Division. Interestingly, as a child Ressler lived on the same street as John Wayne Gacy and was in the same boy scouts troupe as him, he later helped take Gacy down and coined the term ‘serial killer’. He began attending graduate school at Michigan State University, during this time he was approached by the FBI via a man who later became its assistant director at Quantico. The FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit (BSU) started to form in 1969 due to Manson family, and in 1972 the FBI Academy in Quantico opened making the unit famous; its main profiler was John Douglas. Ressler joined the BSU in 1974 where he was taught by the pioneers of profiling: Howard Teeten and Pat Mullany. The serial killer pilot programme was launched in 1977; its members included Ressler, Douglas, Ann Burgess, and Ralph D’Agostino. In 1979, Ressler ran the operational arm of the BSU. Profiling became academic when the BSU got Dr. Park Dietz and others onboard, bridging the gap between the FBI and the psychiatry community. So, the FBI co-opted law enforcement, mental health, academia, and forensic sciences. Ressler retired in 1990, one of his first acts in retirement was to work on defence’s side of Dahmer case. After this he introducing the Violent Criminal Apprehension Programme to Japan, South Africa, Poland, and other countries whilst acting as the director of Forensics Behavioural Services International. Dr. Christine Kokonos, an associate  of the FBSI, claims it attempts to merge law enforcement with psychology perfectly.

There are different potential reasons why the myth of the serial killer was created. It could be that apart from school / workplace shootings, serial killers create mass fear and mayhem. Thinking there is a mad man killing people at random puts everyone into an every-man-for-himself mentality, it completely ‘anatomises’ society by breaking down any real sense of community which leads to Collectivism; mob mentality and rule of the strongest. The establishment has worked on projects aimed at achieving exactly this, for example in Vietnam the Phoenix programme’s literal aim was to scare people into giving into America via psychological warfare techniques, techniques which mirrored serial killers crime scenes from the mutilations to the posing of victims. The Phoenix Programme was modelled after the Nazi’s Einatzgruppen death squads during WWII; it would go on to act as basis for US-backed Salvadoran death squads. These were civil war fascist death squads whose training included killing dogs and vultures by biting their throats (vampirism) as well as twisting off their heads, being made to watch as soldiers tortured suspected dissidents by tearing out their fingernails, then they beheaded them and chopped up bodies before playing with their dismembered arms for fun. The heads of victims were placed on spikes across the country, the Salvadoran Treasury Police cut of victim’s genitals and put them in the victim’s mouth, the Salvadoran guard would cut women’s wombs out and smother their faces with it; they even forced parents to watch as their child was dragged over bard-wire until the child’s flesh fell from bone. They would go so far as to put a bowl of blood on a table and have the headless corpses of entire family sitting around it, including a baby, posed to be stroking their own heads. It’s the fear and desensitisation or the normalization of violence (blooding) of society, with the aim of eventually implementing a police state. Serial killers are now a glorified part of pop culture just like how mass shootings and terror attacks are now just expected, with a strange air of notoriety surrounding them.

It is also possible that some crimes are falsely attributed to a criminal, maybe to clear up unwanted cold cases or prevent statistics that would make a law enforcement agency look bad. Police may even attribute victims to a serial killer pragmatically as unfortunately the belief that a person committed one murder will be circumstantial evidence in a jury’s mind that they committed another, the more crimes they are accused off the worse they look. Or most sinister of all, hay-stacking may be involved, victims could be clumped together in order to hide the significance or nature of a specific killing, this could be used in contract hits as a tactic by the killer or corrupt law enforcement agencies. In fact, all of these reasons could explain the behaviour of not just a law enforcement agency trying to save face, but also a corrupt law enforcement agency acting in the interests of protecting a ring by attributing it’s activity to a fall guy using the ‘lone crazed killer’ narrative. The main way murders are clumped together and put onto a killer, because as we will see in plentiful cases there is zero actual evidence the serial killer did all the crimes they are accused of, is through profiling. Either the killer’s purported actions or the characteristics of the victim will be used pragmatically to try and prove that a single person committed all the crimes in question, when in actuality a killer’s modus operandi and signature are rarely consistent across crimes nor are the characteristics of the victims.

Take for example Santa Cruz’s Herb Mullin. He was accused of beating a homeless man to death, then he stabbed and sliced opened and mutilated a girl, then he killed 5 people in two separate drug-trafficker occupied homes in a single night (one house had clean executions whilst the other house was a frantic shoot-up), then he shot four boys on a camping trip once in the head then lots in the body, and then he sniped an ex-boxer in his front yard. Richard Chase sniped a victim from a parked car like Mullin had supposedly done, then the rest of his victims were killed with a .22 calibre contact wound shot to the left side of the head. Some were militated, and the victims varied in age and gender. Chicago had a ‘Ripper Crew’ in the early 1980s (a four man satanic cult led by Robin Gecht) which killed a string of 17 women before doing drive by shootings of known drug dealers. Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez also did obvious drug hits. Charles Ng and Leonard Lake’s also killed a few people deeply involved in drug trafficking; excavated from their compound was seven men, five women, and two babies. It was falsely claimed that Bundy’s victims all looked similar; this blatant lie was so heavily pushed people believe it to this day. Many of his victims weren't even discovered or only their skull was found, his acquisition methods were only speculative. Henry Lee Lucas went for victims of all ages and genders and races, he also killed in multiple ways from stabbing to shooting to bludgeoning. Some of the victims were sexually abused before and after the murder, some were cannibalized, they were killed in different locations. As we will see just from the killers covered in this book, the standard profiling techniques are just plain wrong. Where crime scenes match up in the way they ought to according to the mainstream serial killer profile, this will be used as evidence that they are linked, where crime scenes don’t police do not use this as counter-evidence to the idea that the crimes are linked. But the biggest lie is that serial killers act alone. Even under the official narrative of many serial cases, this is patently false. Lucas worked with Toole and their child accomplices. Leonard Lake worked with his ex girlfriend and Charles Ng. The ripper crew was a crew. Dean Correll worked with two accomplices. Charles Schmid worked in a team of killers. The Moore Murders were a team. Need I even mention the infamous Manson family? Even those officially claimed to have worked alone like Gacy or Bundy can’t accurately be described as loners and tended to be active members of the community.

The true serial killer profile

There are many strange patterns that can be seen in serial killer cases. Many went for psychiatric treatment which often potentially or certainly involved electroshock therapy; many were running trafficking / prostitution operations before and during their purported killing spree; many were popular members of their communities and some even hosted parties; many worked in public service based around infrastructure for instance water / electricity work; many travelled around a lot and many disappeared for a period of time before the murders occurred; many temporarily escape from prison or police custody; many were in the US army and had intelligence links in some capacity; many controversially show an interest in Satanism or Occultism; many have ties to or an interest in law enforcement; many are pedophiles or have links to pedophiles; many record their murders; and pretty much all serial killers crimes strangely go unnoticed despite multiple times where conditions would practically guarantee that they would. But these are not the characteristics to focus on; rather it is best to look at it from the perspective of the motive behind the crime. Serial killers can be distinguished from normal killers in that their crimes are premeditated and entirely purposeful and they base part of their lifestyle around killing. With the understanding that serial murder, like all other crimes, tends to operate within organized crime networks since lifestyles are based on culture and culture spreads out into groups (rather than remaining isolated in an individual), it is clear that there are two reasons to kill. The first is that the ring may do contract hits, and the second is that the ring is sexually or socially interested in the murder or at least torture of the victims. These purposes will often overlap in many different way (especially when organized crime operates out of occult and Satanic sects), but it gives us two kinds of killers: those who kill for sex rings and therefore do it based on the victims characteristics, and those who kill pragmatically as part of contract killings.

Hit men show telltale signs. In the case of Ramirez, Bundy and Lee, the only consistency in their MO is that they used weapons of opportunity, which is what the CIA teaches its assassins to use (according to their manual ‘A study of Assassination’). It is advised as they are available and are seemingly innocence which is useful in case the assassin is searched beforehand. But the most common means of murder it teaches is using a small calibre handgun shot to the head at close range. It’s effective as it is clean and quiet, plus small calibre guns don’t sound like how guns are stereotypically portrayed providing more cover. Also, it is hard to trace or match up a bullet to a specific .22 calibre gun. Most serial killers use either methodology, execution style. Most of Ramirez’s victims were killed with contact wounds from .22 and .25 calibre handgun to the side of the head or stabbed / bludgeoned with household items. Some were tortured, varying levels of mutilation were present as well (two cut up), and the victims were of varied race and gender. Also, the ‘Sunset Strip Murders’ had victims being killed with a .25 calibre contact wound to the head (one victim shot in chest which was sliced open). Two of these victims were beheaded. So clearly once they have control of a situation, they will still indulge themselves in excess brutality. Murder Inc., the Mafia assassination service which is the brainchild of the Lansky/Luciano syndicate, had connections to US intelligence agents; they also share similar methodology for murdering. For instance, Pittsburgh Phil / Harry Strauss (a Murder Inc. Assassin) never carried weapon around. He apparently killed 500 people between the late 1920s and 1940. Lucas’s account of his paramilitary training is in line with the methodology. In 1975, Thomas Creech admitted to forty two contract killings on behalf of his biker gang which was involved in drug trafficking and rituals, many being human sacrifice rituals. This only qualified him for 8th place in gang’s contract killers. Bernard Hunwick in Dade county was arrested in 1981 for murder and a murder to hire operation, he claimed to be leader of a hit squad that had killed at least 100 people (police believed over 300). At the time of murder Inc. the FBI claimed that organized crime didn’t exist and that the resurgence of the KKK didn’t. It's potentially the case that the Black Cross faction of the Four-Ps cult functions as Satanic Murder Inc., but of course the FBI denies the existence of organized Satanism.

The only consistency in the behaviour of Richard Speck is weapons obtained from the scene, the same is true for Berkowitz, Arthur Shawcross, and the Gainesville Ripper (Danny Rolling). But other serial killers seem to target victims for their own self-pleasure or for trafficking or smut purposes. The pattern that we can establish with these killers is that there does seem to be some consistency in the characteristics of their victims though sometimes only remains can be found. Notably, these similarities tend to be the victims genders and average ages; which lines up well with the victims being used for sexual purposes. But whilst there is a pattern emerging from the victims and even potentially a ‘signature’, there really is no MO. The Boston Strangler’s victims greatly varied, some were strangled by hand whilst others were with ligature at the scene, some were stabbed and others were sexually assaulted. Similarly, the Hillside Strangler’s killed by strangulation, electrocution, lethal injection, and lethal gas; methods which mimicked judicial executions. Ed Kemper the coed killer killed two grandparents, coeds, young victims, and his mother. He used various means including stabbing, strangulation, and point-blank gunshots to some of the victim’s heads. Sometimes it is evident that there was at least an attempt on the part of the killer to collect stables of slaves, McGowan refers to these serial killers as ‘collectors’ and naturally fall in with the sex trafficking categorisation. Perhaps further evidence of this divide is that where a serial killer(s) / fall guy(s) goes down, another similar one seems to be ready to take their place. For example, the Hillside Strangler was team of Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, they were taken over by Roy Norris and Lawrence ‘Pliers’ Bittaker a year later, then the Sunset strip killers took over from them a year later. A year later, the NightStalker took over from them (though evidence suggests that multiple of his victims were killed as part of contract hits).  We see a similar pattern in other locations like Santa Cruz.

The final important lie pushed by the official serial killer profile is that they tend to kill strangers. In reality it is not rare for serial killers to have direct or indirect links to their victims. Hit men will likely have a link to their victims through their organized crime gang, and trafficking killers will often try to obtain easy victims so they will know them in their personal life or will be associated with them through some community like a prostitution ring. This lie is pushed to hide the obvious conclusion which comes from the fact that victims have links to other victims and the killer; there are relationships forming the backdrops of the murders rather than it being random acts of an isolated individual. That opens up the possibility of complicity by others, including them being involved. Maury Terry famously argued that the Son of Sam killings not just carried out solely by David Berkowitzs, the same can be said about other serial killers. In reality, serial killers commonly seem to have connections to criminal rings involved in murder, and these rings tend to have high level connections (hence why they are not prosecuted or even investigated). In Scotland, there was a special order which sealed documents about Thomas Hamilton, a child rapist and murderer who killed sixteen schoolchildren, a teacher, and then himself in 1996. 106 documents were sealed, this included documents about Hamilton’s involvement in freemasonry and a police report about his activities at Loch Lomond in 1991; this specific report linked him to two senior Scottish politicians and a lawyer. A letter connected to Hamilton was written by George Robertson (the head of NATO) to Michael Forsyth (the former Sectary of State for Scotland). The documents were sealed to ‘protect the interests of the children named’, yet they were not named in the reports at all.

Charles Whitman

Nothing better illustrates how mass shootings can and have benefitted government policy than the 1966 case of Charles Whitman. He was a former US Marine sharpshooter who was trained by the Naval Enlisted Science Education Programme (an intelligence entity). He ascended the tower at the University of Texas to shoot at unsuspecting people on the campus. Seventeen people were killed, thirty one were injured, and Whitman himself was killed by officers who supposedly rushed up the tower (despite his shooting spree lasting for 96 minutes). He supposedly dragged three rifles, three handguns, a sawed-off shotgun, 700 rounds of ammunition, two knives, several days worth of food and water, gasoline, alarm clock, radio, compass, hammer, hatchet, and multiple other items up three flight of stairs to the 28th floor alone and unnoticed whilst killing 3 people within the tower. So many shots poured out from all sides of tower, victims were sure that there were multiple shooters. The shooting spree lasted for a hour and a half, he picked of 15 victims in the first thirty-five minutes alone, which would take absurd accuracy. Even whilst the shooting occurred, the media claimed that there was only one gunman and came up with the story that he had placed the guns in a special arrangement in order to be able to fire that quickly to create the illusion of multiple gunmen. They never explained how he could shoot so accurately whilst doing this or why he did it. Whitman had a violently abusive father. The night before his rampage, he’d killed mom and wife. He had left a film to develop after his death and a note claiming that he had been having fears and violent impulses and had seen a psychiatrist. 33 years after the mass shooting, the New York Times, in an article about the tower deck being reopened, claimed that the Whitman case showed a new threat that anyone was at risk of being indiscriminately killed at anytime, which led to the development of the first SWAT teams. Whether Charles acted alone or not, it is clear that the police directly benefitted from the horrific nature of the crime; thus at a minimum they had an incentive to allow it to play out for as long as it did.

Kenneth McDuff

The case of Kenneth McDuff, a Texas serial killer, clearly demonstrates that the State has utilised serial killers for policy making too. In 1966, Mcduff and an accomplice abducted, raped, tortured and killed three high school kids five days after Whitman’s rampage. He was sentenced to death by electric chair, but this was communed to a life term in 1972 as the Supreme Court halted all judicial executions (which benefitted Sirhan, Frazier, and the Manson family). The death penalty was reinstated in Texas 2 years later. In 1987, legal action forced the Texas Prison system to limit the number of prisoners they housed as the prisons were extremely overcrowded. Authorities failed to obtain more funding to build more prisons, so instead they granted early parole to many inmates. McDuff was freed in 1989 under the claim that they had ran out of prisoners to offer parole to, despite there being literally thousands of non-violent drug users still locked up. He returned to Rosebud, where he was arrested 9 months later for pulling a knife on and threatening a group of young black kids; he was only imprisoned for a few months for this. He constantly violated his parole terms by consorting with prostitutes as well as buying and selling and using drugs, yet nothing was done about this.

In 1991, working with an accomplice he tortured and murdered two prostitutes on two separate occasions, both women were seen with him by witnesses before they disappeared; one was even in a car with him whilst he ran through a police roadblock. Despite this, he wasn’t questioned by the police at all. Thus, he killed three more girls before he was apprehended in 1992 after the largest manhunt in Texas’s history. His trial was held in 1993, he took the stand in his own defence which enabled the state to bring in his prior convictions and his previous death sentence through testimony; usually this would not be allowed as evidence. He received two death sentences. In 1998, McDuff was executed making him one of 152 people executed by the State during the tenure of George W. Bush. There was public outrage over the fact a condemned man was set free and killed again, the media encouraged people to direct their anger at the death penalty reforms. It resulted in the creation of ‘The McDuff Laws’ which mandated tougher sentencing, harsh parole guidelines, and two billion dollars in government funding to go to the construction of more prisons. Texas now has largest prison population in the history of the West.

The Lipstick Killer

Officially speaking, William Heirens is America’s first post-war serial killer. What’s interesting is the fact that he became so notorious despite the backdrop of the times in which he was committing his crimes. In the first ten days of December 1945 (just after WWII ended), Chicago had 109 robberies, 265 burgularies, 109 stolen cars, four rapes, and eight murders; which were stupidly high numbers for the time. So what is it that made him stand out despite there being plentiful other brutal murders, many of which police officially believed to be linked at the time? The same thing that makes any case stand out: media attention. Why did the media specifically give his case attention? This is a question which should be carefully considered, since it could very well be the case that the media only highlights cases that they want to control the narrative over, so the very fact that a case in infamous could indicate that there is some form of cover up going on. Similar observations could be made about the Son of Sam case occurring in the troubled times that it did, or the unusual amount of media attention given to cases like JonBenet Ramsey’s disappearance despite other child murders going mostly or entirely unreported. On a local level sensationalism may explain the media’s interest in a case, but the giant media conglomerates have clearly demonstrated that they prioritise pushing propaganda over making a profit (after all, those in real power control the money supply). Another interesting consideration is that the rise in serial killers is often blamed on great wars, would that not support the hypothesis that serial killers have purposefully been conditioned by trauma-based mind control?

What's significant about his case for the purpose of this summary, is that he was clearly innocent. The 'first post-war serial killer' was the invention of a corrupt police force. Even more ironically, Ressler started his interest in crime with this case by setting up a private investigation firm to investigate the murders. From the get go, Ressler's work was a scam. Heirens was born in 1928, his parents had frequent violent arguments so he developed the habit of leaving house, he was supposedly a loner. At age 13, he was found to have brought a loaded gun to school and had eight weapons stanched in his house, this incident resulted in him being sent to the Catholic Gibault School in Indiana as w punishment (Manson went there in 1942). Heirens was arrested after his release and sent to St. Bebe’s Academy in Illinois (which was Benedictine monk run). He was soon urged to take a test to become part of special learning programme at the University of Chicago as he was academically gifted. But whilst there his grades began to slip, around this time he became interested in girls, got into wearing women’s clothes, and got into Nazism.

Josephine Ross was killed in June 1945; she had visited psychics and fortune tellers to assist in her goal of finding a fourth husband. She was found on a bloody bed with her throat slit multiple times and her head wrapped in a dress. Blood was everywhere, there was bloody water and clothes in bathtub since the body had been washed there. No fingerprints were found. Four months later, a prowler entered the apartment of an army nurse before hitting her and fleeing, he left fingerprints and eyewitness in this attack. Initially the prints were not identified, but Heirens’ prints were on a file with the police at time, only later did the police claim that they were a match to his. Two months later, Francis Brown (a former US Army WAV) was found dead, a butcher knife was stuck in her neck and there was a bullet in head. A blood trial went from the bedroom to bathroom; her home had been thoroughly searched. The infamous message was left in lipstick. The police claim to have found a bloody fingerprint on the door jamb, but this was only later discovered. A witness said a 35-40 year old man left the property; Heirens was only 16 / 17 at the time. George Carraboni, a local butcher, confessed to killing Brown.  The Police claimed he kept changing story so they discounted his confession; he was under investigation for thirteen beheading and mutilation cases in Cleveland at the time.

In 1946, a six year old girl called Suzanne Degnan vanished from a house occupied by two families yet no one noticed anything at the time of her disappearance. Her father was an official in Office of Price Administration. Police filled the house and found a ransom note which the families claimed not to have noticed as they thought it was a discarded tissue, the kidnapper demanded 20,000 from family despite fact Suzanne had already been chopped up (by a trained butcher) and spread around the city’s sewers. A Seven-foot ladder found outside the home, it could only just reach her room. George E. Subgrunski (a furloughed soilder) had seen a 35 year old man leaving the residence; George was unable to identify Heirens from photos but could in the Court room. The Centre for Wrongful Convictions claims George was proven to be a ‘publicity seeking fraud’. Hector Verburgh, a janitor from a nearby apartment building, was arrested and the police announced that they had the killer to press. Then they tortured him for two days, before admitting that they had the wrong guy so they had to let him go and give him 20,000 dollars since he made a civil claim against the city. Six months later, Richard Thomas, who was previously convicted of attempted extortion involving the use of a note which threatened the kidnapping of a girl, confessed to murdering Degnan whilst he was working near home at time. At the time of his confession, he was awaiting trial in Phoenix for molesting his own child. A Phoenix handwriting expert claimed that the note from his extortion attempt and that in the Suzanne case had matching handwriting.

Heirens was arrested for burglary by an off-duty officer who happened to be there to smash flower pots over his head. When in captivity, he was accused of murdering Degnan and of committing another unrelated homicide; he wasn’t accused of the other aforementioned homicides as they were not connected. The police dropped the other murder charge as he had the alibi being in school in Indiana at time. The Chicago police sent some officers to Phoenix to question Thomas, but were stopped when Illinois State’s District Attorney (William Tuohy) publically announced that Heirens was the killer despite there being no evidence and his continued denial. At no time in captivity did he have an Attorney. In the first few days of his incarceration, he was severely beat and deprived of food, water, and sleep. Then he was injected with the truth drug (sodium pentathol) and moved to solitary confinement. He was given a spinal tap with no anaesthetic on fifth day with no medical justification, and then 15 minutes later he was yanked from bed and given a rough ride on cobblestone roads. Prosecutors Touhy and Wilbert Crowley met in privacy with Heirens defence attorney to create a plea deal, he would get a life prison term for giving a guilty plea to all three murders. The details of this deal were kept secret, the defence agreed to the deal before even investigating. George Wright from the Chicago Tribune made a bogus confession which he attributed to anonymous unimpeachable sources, it was run on front page and other newspapers quickly followed. Heirens was compelled to author a confession by using the fake one as a script, so a date was set for him to publically confess to the crimes and enter his plea; he refused to confess or plead guilty. The Prosecution revoked the deal and replaced it with three life terms for guilty pleas; Heirens was given a second chance to confess in September. He paused for a long time before entering a guilty plea, as he got three life sentences the Courtroom sighed in relief. He was the longest serving inmate in State of Illinois but was never given parole considerations despite the new plea bargain saying he would. He was the first Illinois inmate to graduate college, he also became an accomplished painter and tailor, and talented jailhouse lawyer. Mary Jane Blanchard (Josephine Ross’s daughter), who attended his confession event, claimed Heirens had been framed. He still proclaimed his innocence until his death in 2012.

The evidence was non-existent. At the police station he was given a lie detector test, Tuohy claimed it was inconclusive but the inventors of the test claimed it clearly showed he was an innocent man. Authorities asserted he confessed to the murders whilst under the influence of the truth drug and an alter personality called George did it, yet zero transcript exists. Tuohy claimed at the time that the transcript wasn’t ready to be released, he then later denied that drugs were used in interview; witnesses claimed Tuohy was there for it so he is outright lying. Dr. Grinker was also there; in 1952 he admitted that Heirens never implicated himself in any crime. George Schwartz (a handwriting expert) claimed that the lipstick and notes writing didn’t match Heirens’ writing in any respect. Another expert Herbert J. Walter was brought in instead (he helped the state in Lindbergh case), he claimed that his writing did match both the note and lipstick despite him saying they didn’t before the state hired him in. Many experts reject Walter’s conclusion. Frank San Hamel (a Chicago Daily News artist) ‘enhanced’ the writing on the note to find ‘hidden indentation writing’ which conclusively linked Heirens to note, it was never explained what he actually meant so it’s just a baseless assertion. A print from the note ‘matched’ Hierens on 9 points, the FBI’s fingerprint manual requires 12 matching points for positive identification, the Chicago police also initially announced that no prints were found on the note. Analysts at the FBI lab did find two prints on the front which didn’t match his, years later the ‘matching’ print was found on back, it’s unknown who found it or when. The doorknob fingerprint was claimed to match his despite Police Captain Emmett Evans having announced that it didn’t, also the print had left and right margins which only exists when fingers are carefully rolled onto a surface so they don’t appear naturally at a crime scene. Northwestern University’s Centre on Wrongful Convictions did study led by Chicago Attorney Jed Stone, it found that the handwriting on the ransom note was Thomas’s, the lipstick wasn’t written by same person who wrote the ransom note, the fingerprint on the note was said to be on front then back, its existence isn’t confirmable either, and that there were 29 inconsistencies with the facts in his confession including details about locations, times, and related events.

The Mind Control of the Boston Strangler

Another early innocent serial killer was Albert Henry DeSalvo, perhaps his case better than any other shows us how the state manipulates patsies and even uses mind control to get people to take the fall for crimes they didn’t commit. William Joseph Bryan, a CIA-Hypnotist who was deeply involved in MKUltra, played a central role in this case as he extracted the only evidence linking DeSalvo to the homicides he supposedly committed; his testimony. Joseph would go on to brag about ‘treating’ Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy), there was evidence of ‘automatic writing’ found in Sirhan’s diaries in the form of him repeating DeSalvo’s name;  ‘automatic writing’ is a symptom of dissociative disorders and thus mind control. A former US intelligence officer who tested Sirhan claimed that his Psychological Stress Evaluation showed he was hypnotically programmed to kill RFK and that someone else was involved. Sirhan was also connected to the Rosicrucians and the Process Church. Another infamous case that a journalist managed to link to Joseph was that of Candy Jones’s’, a fashion model who claimed to be a mind controlled courier and potentially assassin as well. Shortly after the book ‘The Control of Candy Jones’ documenting this link was published, Bryan died of a ‘heart attack’ in a hotel room in 1977.  Albert’s childhood would make him a perfect subject of mind control. His father was Frank DeSalvo, Frank regularly beat his wife and children with his fists, pipes, and belts; he even threatened his wife with gun and broke her fingers one by one in front of the children. He used prostitutes in front of the children as well. He sold his children as slaves to a farmer in Maine, a claim which was confirmed by family friends and social workers, his wife had to spend 6 months searching for her sons.

In 1962, Anna Slesers (a Latvian immigrant) was found strangled with boathouse cord and had lacerations in back of head, her apartment was searched but there was no sign of forced entry. Next came Nina Nichols, who was strangled by two nylon stockings; a similar method had been used to kill Helen Blake on same day. All three victims had signs of sexual assault. A week and a half later, Margaret David was manually strangled in hotel room, she had checked into the room with an unidentified man who was claiming to be her husband, she was using the alias Mrs. Byron Spinney and she had been known to use other code names. Thus far, all the victims were about 60ish, but there was no proof of any connection to the other victims. The next victim was Ida Irga, she was strangled manually and with pillow case, her body was left posed. Two days later, Jane Sullivan was found strangled and left partially submerged in bathtub; stockings were around neck and she was seemingly posed. Modeste Freeman was found next, she had been strangled and bludgeoned to pulp, strangely she was found in her yard and was the first black victim (as well as only being 37); she was posed with a wooden stick in her and had a high alcohol level. A twenty year old black girl was next, she had a stocking around her neck but breaking from the pattern again there was no evidence of rape; semen not belonging to DeSalvo was found on a rug. Then Patricia Bissette was killed in December 1962, she was young (20ish) and white, and she was pregnant. The girl was raped, sodomized, and three stockings were wrapped around her neck.

In 1963, Mary Brown was strangled and stabbed, but she was ultimately killed via bludgeoning. There was degenerated sperm in her vagina and kitchen utensils buried into her left breast. Next, Beverly Samans was found dead after being stabbed seventeen times in the proximity of and on her left breast in a ritual pattern, she was also slashed four times on the neck which was covered by a scarf and nylon stockings, there was no evidence of sexual assault. Four months later, Evelyn Corbin’s body was found with two stockings around her neck. Semen was found at the scene and in her mouth, there was blood in the victims’ ears (as there had been in Nina and Blake’s case). Two and a half months later, Joanna Graff was raped and strangled with a leotard tag and two stockings. Mary Sullivan was the final victim; she was only 19 and was killed in 1964 with two scarves and stockings around her neck. She was posed so a broom handle protruded from her, her breasts were mauled, semen was found in her mouth, and a greetings card was propped up by her foot. No more murders after this were blamed on DeSalvo, despite the fact he was roaming around free for another 10 months. Two weeks after Sullivan was found, Edward Brooke (the Massachusetts Attorney General) took over all 14 murder investigations which were previously handled by a total of five different police departments and 3 district attorney offices.

Brooke assembled a task force which Attorney General John Bottomly lead despite him having no experience with criminal law, Bottomly was involved in ‘telepathic’ experiments at NASA, which is likely a cover for an MKUltra programme. His mother had been obsessed with extrasensory perception, perhaps this is why they brought in the famed psychic Peter Hurkos. Hurkos ended up identifying a man who was already a suspect, the man in question voluntarily committed himself to a mental hospital and was forgotten (he potentially surfaced later at Bridgewater State Hospital). Other task force members were members of a medical / psychiatric committee, Special Officer James Mellon of the Boston Police Department, Edmund McNamara who was the Boston Police Department’s Commissioner and a former FBI employee, and John Donovan who acted as the top detective (he was the former chief of BPD’s homicide squad). Seven months into investigation, a report from Brook’s own office stated that some of the homicides bore little relation to each other or the strangler case. DeSalvo was arrested in 1964 and was charged for committing the ‘Green Man’ assaults, a series of sexual assaults which occurred in Connecticut in the 10 month period after Sullivan’s death. In other words, an uncontrollable serial killer supposedly suddenly stopped killing and just raped his victims for 10 months? At the time of his arraignment he wasn’t one of the 300 strangler suspects, three days after he was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital. He went back to jail at some point but then eventually returned to Bridgewater in 1965.

Four days later he was joined by George Nassar. Nassar was convicted of a 1964 murder where he shot someone 6 times before stabbing them in the back. He had used a car stolen from MIT Cambridge as a getaway vehicle which he abandoned near Phillip’s Academy in Andover; the car was registered to a Navy lieutenant as were two handguns found in the front. He had been paroled in 1961 from an earlier life sentence for murder, in his period of freedom he was a reporter, a hospital attendant, and he taught at a Sunday school where he sometimes delivered sermons. He also participated in 17-30 gang warfare murders in Boston. A committee was formed to raise funds to help ‘prove’ Nassar’s ‘innocence’, his supporters included a minister, a local talk-radio host; he even retained infamous F. Lee Bailey (a former marine pilot) as his defence. He manipulated Albert into being under his control; Albert’s family couldn’t even visit him unless Nassar was present. Nassar supposedly got a confession from DeSalvo for the murders, he arranged for Albert to meet Bailey despite him not being DeSalvo’s attorney of record. Bailey obtained classified information on the case from Donovan to ‘verify’ the confessions, but the timing of his request suggests it is more likely they fed details of the case to DeSalvo. They did this with the aid of William Joseph Bryan, who planting suggestions through detail-laden questions and who put Albert under hypnosis during his questioning. Bailey recorded the questioning sessions as ‘confessions’ and sent it into police. Albert had a photographic memory, yet many of the details he ‘recalled’ were incorrect. Also, there was no physical evidence or witnesses to back up his claims (as none of the witnesses could identify him). None of the composite drawings came close to resembling DeSalvo, three witnesses claimed the suspect was black with combed hair. No police were allowed to interview DeSalvo, which would have exposed what a sham the confession was.

In 1966, Bottomly resigned from the task force and took the confession tapes with him. He worked as an attorney for DeSalvo’s ex-wife and became a consultant to Fox’s (Gerold Frank’s) ‘The Boston Strangler’ film. Bailey convinced DeSalvo to sign an agreement with Gerold to pen a book which absurdly accused him of over 2000 rapes; Bottomly had ordered the task force to fully cooperate with Frank. Bailey pocketed the money obtained from the book sales, causing Albert to file complaints to state bar association, he was ignored. In 1967, Brookes and Bailey (with many of the task force working for Bailey now) took him to trail for the Green Man case; they did this in order to legally implicate him for the murders without ever taking it to trail. They did this through acting as his defence for the robbery and assault charges of the Green Man case, they argued that he was not guilty by reasons of insanity, and they got their evidence through claiming he committed 13 murders (without having to prove this claim). So Bailey’s team used legally unproven more serious assertions that he was a murder as the ‘legal defence’ to lower charges. Judge Cornelius Moynihan took case. The first witness was Bridgewater inmate who knew DeSalvo and Nassar, and Bailey was the witness’s attorney of record too. No cross-examination occurred; the defence was too busy making the case for DeSalvo having committed the stranglings. Days into trial, a secret meeting between Bailey, the judge, and Donald Conn (the prosecutor) occurred during recess. The jury wasn’t sequestered and media already called him the Strangler, books and film had been released stating that he was the strangler before the trial had even begun. So the jury found him guilty.

Albert was given a life sentence (for the lower charges) but the legal norm would have been 25 years with possibility of parole after 10. Nassar was sentenced to death; he is still in prison today. Five weeks after his conviction, the heavily guarded DeSalvo escaped Bridgewater, but he was quickly recaptured. His two brothers were charged with aiding and abetting his escape, but these charges never went to trial. The following year, Albert’s appeal was denied. In 1973, DeSalvo was stabbed sixteen times in the infirmary at the maximum security prison in Walpole. Such a murder would require passing multiple guards and doors to pull off, as Albert had requested to be placed under special lockdown the week before. The evening before his death, he placed a call to prison psychiatrist Dr. Ames Robey who had spent lots of time with him; Albert said that he wanted to meet with him and a reporter the next morning to reveal who the real strangler was and ‘what it was all about.’ His brother Richard DeSalvo had spoken to him on the evening of his death, Richard claimed that Albert may have been drugged to make killing him easier; the actual conversation entailed Albert saying he would talk and name names which would result in important people’s heads rolling. Three prisoners were indicted for his death. The first trial had a deadlock jury and second was mistrial so the charges were dropped; the prosecutors claimed that the murder occurred to stop DeSalvo entering the prison drug trade. Albert had worked on a manuscript but it was missing after his death, strangely an autopsy report copy was given to his family by Nassar. Many people in the law enforcement community think Nassar is a serial assassin; he matched one of the composite drawings of the strangler and was even identified by witnesses.

It is likely that there were at least three real killers. The first of these is Bradley Waring Schereschewsky, the son of the controller of Phillips Academy (or another New England prepschool), he was incarnated in 1951 for beating his father and attempting to rape his mother. He was released in 1959, after this he was in and out of mental hospitals and worked as a gravedigger. The second is William Axel Lindahl (the son of a Boston cop), his mother died when he was an infant so his abusive father raised him. He strangled his drill instructor in naval ROTC at Harvard; he also tried to strangle his girlfriend. He became a teacher at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, by this time he was fluent in 14 languages. One of his friend’s wives suspected him, she was killed in 1970 and her husband was convicted for it, but the same year another one of Axels’ friends at the Boston Globe was also accused of killing his wife. Finally, Peter Howard Denton, the son of a doctor and nurse who won a congressional appointment to West Point before Harvard, was arrested in 1961 for being in possession of explosives with four other Harvard men. Three years later, he ended up at Bridgewater; he later set up and used a drug lab mainly operating in hallucinogens. He lived in Ann Arbor, during this time a string of girls turned up dead, and then he moved to LA around the time of the Hillside Stranglers. They had been friends since Harvard, so they were likely a team as Susan Kelly exposed. It should be noted that seven out of eight members of the psychiatric panel who developed the profile of the Strangler believed that there were at least two killers.

At time of McGowan writing, it had been nearly 40 years since he Albert was falsely accused of his crimes. Now, some mainstream voices even admit that he was innocent, yet these people still don’t acknowledge that he was obviously framed and instead claim he lied for notoriety. The State of Massachusetts refused to release evidence to private investigators, claiming that the case was still an ‘ongoing investigation’. In 2000, Mary Sullivan was exhumed revealing that her corpse’s condition contradicted DeSalvos account of crime. It also yielded semen stain and other DNA sample, when Albert’s body was exhumed in 2001 these were found to not match him. Washington University law Professor James E.Starrs who followed the renewed Sullivan investigation claimed it would lead to a ‘blockbuster report’. There were two suspects before the fake confession, her ex-boyfriend William Ivey was one of them and he failed two polygraph tests. The prime suspect in Bissette’s death was her boss, defence contractor Jules Rothman, she travelled out of state with him as part of an affair. He had found her body and spent time alone in the apartment before police arrived. A photo album, loose photographs, and personal correspondences (she saved them) were missing from the apartment. Sophie Clark was likely killed by Albert Williams, the Cambridge minister’s son, he received a medical discharge from the army due to suffering from black outs, he was also a sadist and had a long criminal past. He failed two polygraph tests. A press conference was held sometime around 2004, in it the relatives of Albert and Sullivan demanded that the investigation be reopened and the police files released. Shortly after, Gerald Posner wrote a disinformation article for Talk magazine to cover up the blatant corruption in the case. In the past, Posner claimed that Oswald acted alone in the JFK assassination, as did James Earl Ray in the MLK assassination, and he did an ‘expose’ of Nazi doctor and Paperclip recruit Joseph Mengele.

The Underbelly of the Belgian Beast

By now it should be clear that serial killers tend to just be the convenient target for authorities to prosecute, even if they are innocent. Furthermore, the establishment may use the myth of the serial killer to protect a ring involved in murder or to further its own agenda; as we have seen sometimes the agenda of these rings and the agenda of the establishment align. Thus are the facts in the case of Marc Dutroux, a man who was convicted in 1989 for the rape and abuse of 5 young girls, he only served three years of a 13 year sentence despite medical reports stating that he was a danger to the public. Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet released him early and was then appointed as a judge to the ironically named European Court of Justice at The Hague. Marc received unemployment benefits and yet owned 6 houses, his income seemed to come from trafficking child sex slaves and producing CP / snuff from dungeons inside of his houses. Girls went missing around his houses for several years, police failed to act upon these disappearances despite receiving multiple reports and tips including from Dutroux’s mother who told them she thought her son was holding young girls as prisoners in one of his houses. The media played all this off as incompetence when it was clearly police complicity. The investigation was evidently hindered, key facts were withheld from investigators, communication lines were inexplicably cancelled, and the police searched one of his home’s three times yet ‘turned up nothing’, that is despite the officers admitting to hearing children’s voices who were being held in the dungeon on at least two of these searches.

In 1996, Dutroux, his wife who was an elementary school teacher, one of his lodgers, a policeman, and Jean-Michel Nihoul (a businessman and nightclub owner), along with others like pretty-thief Michel Lelievre who claimed that some of the girls were kidnapped to order for someone else, were arrested. It was revealed that police were tipped off about the sound-proof dungeons being built to house and sell girls abroad three years earlier and had video tapes of it being built which had previously been seized. In 1995, the same informant told police that Dutroux had offered man 3,000 to 5,000 dollars to kidnap girls for him. Two 14 year olds were alive in the dungeon who described how they were used as prostitutes and to model for CP (300 videos were seized). After this, two 8 year old girls were dug up in another one of his homes; they were kept alive for 9 months and used to create snuff films. Two more young girls’ bodies were found at another house of his. Clearly it was a ring, 10 people had been arrested by this time. 10 missing children who are highly likely to have been his victims still haven’t been found.

At the time, child activist Marie-France Botte claimed that the Justice Ministry was hiding a politically sensitive list of buyers of CP videotapes and a relevant motorcycle was discovered which had been used in the 1991 assassination of politician Andre Cools; he had promised ‘shocking revelations’ before his death. Michel Bourlet was the lead investigator of the unsolved Cools case but had been removed; he was now the head prosecutor on the Dutroux case. A prominent Time’s article claimed that underground tunnels were used (similar to the McMartin case), it also alluded to Dutroux having links to organized crime figures; a belief shared by the chief investigating magistrate in the Dutroux case. More arrests were made. Jean Michel Nihoul confessed to organising orgies at the Belgian chateau which was attended by Government officials, a former European Commissioner, and law enforcement officers. A senator claimed this was a blackmail system. Testament to this, Nihoul declared himself the real serial killer and dares the government to arrest him, saying he has information which if the public knew of would bring the entire State down. In 1996, a few days after 5 suspects were arrested in the Cools investigation; twenty-three suspects (at least 9 police and 3 magistrates) were arrested and questioned about negligence or complicity with Dutroux. Raids also occurred on officer’s homes based on testimony by Georges Zicot, a police inspector who was charged as a Dutroux accomplice. Some people arrested in Dutroux case provided further leads on the Cools case.

In October 1996, Jean Marc Connerotte, the investigating judge, was dismissed by the Supreme Court despite hundreds of thousands of petitions to retain him. He genuinely wanted to investigate; he led investigators to discovering the bodies and to saving the two girls. He was popular and trusted by the public as in 1994 he arrested 3 men in relation to the Cools assassination, again resulting in the case being transferred to another magistrate. A team of specialist police officers were also removed after interviewing victims of the ring including Regina Louf, she claimed that her parents and grandmother were part of the ring so she grew up abused. She gave names including senior judges, a powerful then-dead politician, and an influential banker and claimed that it was a business-scaled blackmailing scheme.  She also identified Michel Nihoul as an organiser of the ‘parties’ which included sex, torture, and murder. She described the murders, key elements of her testimony were vindicated and one of the victim’s description and their described injuries matched an unsolved murder. Anne Thilly, the Prosecutor General of Liege, declared her to be mad despite psychologists claiming the opposite so her testimony has been discarded by the courts. In 2002, Dutroux still hadn’t gone to trail and tests on the 6000 hairs found in his dungeons had only just begun according to sources central to the investigation, Anne Thilly claimed there was no need to get the hairs analysed as no one else entered the cage nor was there a network. She then incorrectly stated that the hairs had been analysed and that the bodies were too decomposed by DNA tests, yet they were not decomposed it’s just the results of the DNA tests disappeared.  In other words, she’s a corrupt liar.

Bourlet claimed that there was clear evidence of an elite pedophile ring which had been protected for 25 years. Public outrage grew and in 1996, 350,000 citizens took to the streets in protest and workers walked away from their job causing a standstill. In response, Belgium’s State Police Chief, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister resigned as the fall men despite people wanting the entire coalition government to step down. In 1997 a parliamentary commission issued a report (which was in itself largely a cover up), it found that thirty officials ‘failed to uncover Dutroux’s misdeeds’ with zero repercussions. Around the time, Patrick Derochette, a man convicted of multiple counts of child rape in the past and released after just a six weeks stay at a psychiatric institution, and three members of his family were arrested in the wake of a dead 9 year old girl being found. In 1998, despite the denial of the rumoured connection by authorities, a lawyer in the case showed evidence linking Dutroux to Derochette through Nihoul. In the same year, police allowed Dutroux to temporarily escape. In 1999, the chairman of the commission Mr. Verwilghen admitted that his commission was muzzled by senior legal and political figures who also didn’t co-operate during the investigation, magistrates and police were officially told not to answer certain questions.

An interview was given by Dutroux to a Flemish journalist and Belgian senator, in it he admitted that a criminal network exists which police ignored and that the well-placed paedophile ring which he remains in contact with did as well but police refused to investigate this lead. This lines up with a persistent rumour that another ring was operating in parallel to that of Marc’s similar rumours about connections in the ring have all been vindicated. In 1996, police found a note in Bernard Weinstein’s home (a former accomplice of Dutroux who lived at one of his houses for many years, he had been found buried alive alongside the first two bodies) which led to them investigating a satanic organisation called ‘Abraxas’ and it’s high Priestess Dominique Kindermans, but they didn’t look far into this lead. In 2000, Wayne Camolli was arrested for operating an online CP site. His West Palm Beach home was raided yielding incriminating video tapes and his computer. The arrest took place due to the Dutroux case, Camolli had connections to Felix DeConinck who had ties to Dutroux, DeConinck was a suspect in the kidnapping and rape of a 14 year old girl. Bruno Tagliaferro knew Dutroux and claimed to know a bit about a car involved in one of the kidnappings. He was found dead, it was claimed that he died of a heart attack but he was later proven to have been poisoned. Soon after this discovery, Bruno’s wife was found dead on the bed, it was publically declared an accident or suicide. 20 such suspicious Dutroux connected deaths have occurred according to the BBC.

In conclusion, whilst the establishment was actively prosecuting multiple criminals for being involved in a network of sex trafficking and CP, they were also denying that any network existed and failing to prosecute leads. Why is it that they arrested some people, whilst ignoring or protecting others, perhaps most notably Abraxas? It’s because of how power in a society works. Power is the ability to force people to accept one’s monopoly over a given bit of land, if there are enough people in one location then power will always be contained within the largest mob in a physical sense. But mobs are formed through culture, through shared beliefs, through social control. In reality, the State is no different than a corporation; it has zero legitimacy to enforce any of its arbitrary rules on people just because they are stood on an area of land they are exerting their monopoly over. The law only has legitimacy as they have the might to enforce it, and this might comes partly from resource manipulation (reliance not monopolisation) but more relevantly from social control. So, the establishment play a game. They need to convince the public that there is an air of legitimacy they hold, a ‘rule of law’ which distinguishes them from the mafia. This is why they officially sanctioned intelligence agencies, despite the fact they existed long before this, all they are is networks of worker bees for the Elite. So, people in ‘authority’ have to act as if they are accountable to words written on pieces of paper and maintain the public’s perception that society is operating under ‘the rule of law’, which means arrests will occur to appease the public. The establishment with their rings, because make no mistake organised crime is an essential part of the system, simply cut loose the least connected or most disadvantageously reckless individuals to give as a retribution sacrifice to the public in order to refresh their false sense of ‘justice’, and the ring continues operating (though sometimes there is geographical movement and rebranding).

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