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Satanic Psychological Warfare

The lie of the Satanic Panic

In 1985, Sandi Gallant, a San Francisco Police Officer, wrote a report on the similarity of ritual cases across the US and Canada. There were similarities in the stories of unrelated victims which created credibility for the claims, also therapists treating victims attested to this consistency existing across patients, many of these who treated children claimed that their patients gave such graphic details that they really had no means of knowing short of Empiricism, thus the patient’s testimony alone proved that they had been exposed to the abuse in question. Many police officers also believe that children would not be able to make up the details of the testimonies they were giving. The report suggests that it may be due to a national ring that was different from usual CP as its primary aim seems to be about recording children doing ritualistic things. Both the chief of police and the U S Department of Justice rebuffed the report. This was the common response of the authorities to the evident rise in satanic ritual abuse and the number of victims reporting such abuse. The establishment would have us believe that the entire nation of America, if not the entire West, developed temporary collective paranoia which was created by a conspiracy of psychologists and prosecutors (for literally no reason), rather than there being a rise in Satanism as a vehicle for child abuse and murder being real.

There are two elements to the so-called ‘Satanic panic’, a significant rise in the number of reported ritual abuse cases and the attribution of Paganism and Satanism to a philosophy of murder. The first presents the Satanic panic as a moral panic, but this is an incorrect label as a ‘moral panic’ simply means that the public views something as being more common than it really is due to the  media’s coverage of it; it would not explain why more people reported ritual abuse. The actual rise in ritual abuse claims was attributed to grifters looking for attention, but this also makes no sense as victims were shamed by the establishment and their reputation was publically ruined. It is more likely that as victims of abuse saw the ring being unravelled and seemingly impossible justice being served, they became more confident to share their stories. After all, ritualised abuse existed before the satanic panic; it’s just that organised abuse only started getting exposed around the time it had become integrated into an overtly Satanist philosophy. It is humorous to see the contradictory approach taken by Leftists (the common ritual abuse deniers) in regards to the satanic panic and the #Me too movement, the former victims claims we must dogmatically reject and the latter victim’s claims we must dogmatically believe according to them.  Perhaps the difference is due to the #Metoo movement demanding such a degree of social frigidness that relationships become impossible, thus helping to push people into total atomism, whilst the Satanic panic was mostly about protecting children from the horrific consequences of an ‘anything goes’ attitude.

The latter element is more interesting as the term ‘Satanism’ is slippery. In the past, Satanism essentially meant Paganism; though there is great variation in Paganism it essentially carried the philosophical conclusions of Atheism in a spiritual (early culture building) form. Modern Satanism is completely Atheistic in character whilst adopting the symbolism (albeit often inverted) of Pagan religions which mirrored their anti-logos and thus anti-Western and anti-Christian thought. Why do this? Because Satanism represents degeneracy in itself, it is the embodiment of self-worship. Thus the adoption of symbols of inversion allows a sub-culture of complete selfishness and degeneracy to actually form around the hatred of those ideas which the symbols oppose. The manufactured Satanism therefore acts as a common language for those who wish to partake in a collective movement of attaining self-godhood through destroying the ‘oppression’ of logic or the society and religion which held it up. It’s a way of manufacturing a culture appealing to the radical urge to just destroy and force oneself onto the world, the perfect conditions for building the kind of sociopaths required to operate within criminal networks.

In the early part of the 20th century, organised crime groups could compete with the State. These groups were slowly absorbed into the State apparatus through intelligence programmes like Operation Underworld. Finally, in the latter half of the 20th century, organised crime groups were largely ‘displaced’ by the intelligence community’s own manufactured organised crime rings in the form of Satanic cults, whilst publically it simply looked like they were taking down the Mafia. Thus, the free-masonry bred traditional criminal cultures were displaced by the new Occultist culture of 20th manufactured Satanism: the solipsistic philosophy of Satanism was modernised and popularised by Aleister Crowley and its cultural image was set out by Anton LaVey.

Trauma as mind control

Real mind control is the process of enhancing a person’s susceptibility to what is known as a dissociative state, a state where a person can control their actions and yet cannot remember these actions at a later date. This is the same phenomenon as driving on autopilot or being in deep thought which makes you unaware of your surroundings until you are interrupted resulting in the you forgetting what you were doing and thinking in the dissociative state; examples of these states include Amnesia, Fugue states, and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Some social engineering techniques are simple like ‘Blooding’, exposing to violence in order to desensitize people to brutality. More sophisticated techniques try to induce dissociation, DID is enhanced through trauma as traumatic events, especially those occurring in childhood, cannot be integrated into the core personality causing the individual to repress those experiences into an alter personality, thus trauma-based mind control is a viable methodology.  Dave suggests that this could be the child’s version of the fight or flight response, it allows the child to mentally flee when they cannot physically in the face of sustained extreme abuse. In the 1970s, there was twice the number of DPD cases identified in 10 year span than in previous 100 years. A 2001 study in Melbourne concluded that DID was real, it used people claiming to have DID and actors portraying the condition to make them give an outwardly convincing appearance, people couldn’t distinguish between the two groups. But the researchers measured the brainwaves of the participants, and there was a noticeable difference between the two groups in that the DID suffers underwent different brain waves as their personality switched yet the actors didn’t. Interestingly, Sociopathy could potentially describe DPD should we assume that the ‘public persona’ being used to cover the antisocial behaviour isn’t fake.

However, the common public perception of mind control, essentially the ‘tinfoil hat’ idea of the Manchurian candidate, was largely created by Hollywood’s representation of what it is. When combined with the Western urge to defend the idea of free-will and the mainstream media narrative enforced by CIA funded Psychologists and Psychiatrists (according to Dave) denying the existence of linked disorders like DID, it’s no wonder many people don’t think mind control is real. A more accurate take on mind control can be obtained through focusing on the research done by intelligence agencies as part of MKUltra. We can also gain insight through looking at the writings of people deeply involved with mind control such as George Estabrooks (a Psychologist and Hypnotist who contracted with American intelligence agencies) who wrote the book ‘Hypnotism’. Estabrookes claimed that intelligence communities could use dissociative states to create super spies who could carry sensitive information, since this information was stored only in their dissociative state and not their core personality. This information could then be recalled by handlers in a similar way to how a hypnotic state could allow you to remember driving on autopilot; Dave cites a National Post article which claims a study showed that hypnotism creates measurable changes in the brain. Estabrookes also specifically claimed that DID could be caused by psychic torture for military applications. Psychiatrist Paul Verdier claimed that brainwashing was occurring in the United States; he claimed that the unconscious part of the individuals’ mind was accessed by circumventing the inhibition response of the cerebral cortex through drugs, alcohol, solitary confinement and hypnosis. However, for any of these dissociative states to last the subject would need to be subjugated to profound and deep emotional states like fear and anxiety as they has disinhibitive effects. The most effective method for elongating these states would be pain according to Wilder Penfield, who was an associate of Dr. Ewen Cameron (an MKULtra scientist and the project’s fall man). Verdier also wanted the wide application of brainwashing for ‘benevolent purposes’ according to his book ‘Benevolant brainwashing of the future’.


Considering this, we can see abuse as a kind of mind control process. For example, it could potentially explain why pimps and abusive husbands so successful at controlling their victims, they could be said to be literally mind controlling them, with conditions like ‘battered wife syndrome’ used as cover to explain the victim’s loyalty to their abuser. Lots of future predators were forced into child prostitution, and lots of victims of serial killers were prostitutes. Many serial killers have worked as pimps (Manson, Gacy, Buono), including child ones. This pattern is likely due to prostitutes being attractive choices for mind control as they have a strong tendency to dissociate, the vast majority of prostitutes start as children from abusive homes and so are forced onto the street or voluntarily go since it is better than their house life. When looking at David Parker Ray’s use of mind control to induce insomnia, or Dahmer’s attempts to use drugs to create the perfect slave’s, it isn’t that far of a stretch. Especially when looking at serial killers as merely nodes in a larger organised crime prostitution / hit man network(s), networks which as we will see have deep ties into the intelligence world. With the intelligence community doing LSD experiments on young children which have been revealed through FOIA requests, and many other horrors, clearly morality wouldn’t ever be a barrier to this kind of research for them.

MKUltra Assassins

Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the US Regional Medical Centre in Naples (a Navy Psychologist) claimed that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken murders from military prisons, used behaviour modification programmes on them, and released them throughout the world via American embassies. He claimed at Oslo NATO convention in 1975 of 120 Psychologists that this programme was used to create assassins. There was the screening of people with proclivity for violence through military records. The Navy admitted to the programme but denies creating assassins. British Journalist Peter Watson (who later wrote War on the Mind) attended the conference and did an interview with Narut. Narut likely only agreed to it because at time the Rockefeller, Pike, and Church Committees were occurring (in reality these committees were likely just damage control.) Narut disappeared from public view after making an attempt to retract his statement. It’s likely that the programme was an MKUltra project, as mental institutions and prisons were used in the 1960s and 1970s for subprojects a lot. 

Perhaps Henry Lee Lucas was one of these assassins; the CIA did recruit organized crime figures like Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Santos Trafficante (they also propped up Somoza, Pinochet, Duvalier, and Pahlavi among others). One hypothesis suggests that the satanic underworld is merely the form of organized crime network which replaced the Mafia in the West; much like the Yakuza being replaced by the more seemingly disconnected Hangure. The CIA had recruited Dan Mitrione who was childhood friends with Jim Jones (himself a CIA asset who Lucas claimed to be closely connected with) and a torture expert, he had kidnapped homeless people for torture demonstrations to South American security forces which he performed in his own sound-proof dungeon (sounds like something a serial killer would do, does it not?). Jonestown was likely a CIA project, in reality it didn’t result in a mass suicide. Guyanese corner Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo stated only a handful of the 913 victims had committed suicide, the rest were injected, strangled, or shot. It is possible that Henry was used as a hitman there to help cover it up, after all controlled assassins gunned down Congress man Leo Ryan as he attempted to leave whilst investigating Jones town so all the other murders were likely done in a similar fashion.

The intelligence community have been confirmed to have undergone projects creating assassins. For instance, the Phoenix team (created under the phoenix programme) was US Navy Seals working with ‘CT’s, CT’s being Army of the Republic of Vietnam deserters, Vietcong turncoats, and serious criminals which the South Viennese had turned over to them. Some of the CT were literally cannibals, but the Navy SEALs taught them psychological warfare techniques (aka, how to more efficiently terrorize people). One only has to look at how the CIA recruited Klaus Barbie, Joseph Mengele, Adolph Eichmann, Otto Skorzeny, and Reinhard Gehlen who were all serious Nazis to see how amoral they truly are.

Genesse River Phoenix Assassin

Arthur Shawcross was born in a naval hospital during WWII to a naval officer. His father supposedly had a dual life, having a separate wife and son in Australia. Arthur grew up in a multi-generational family; all of them lived within 100 feet of one another, his family had a history of incest and pedophillia. He claimed his Aunt Tina introduced him to sex at a young age, and that his younger sister allowed him to sodomize her, he engaged in sexual acts with his cousin and with a young boy and girl who lived down the road. At age 8, he was alone in a room with a friend’s father; the man died of a heart attack in front of him. At 10, he had regular sex with a friend called Mike, he also became a runaway at times. Men who owned a local sheep farm introduced him and Mike to bestiality as they had sex with farm animals there. Art was raped by his mother with broomstick, hospital records confirm the injuries, he was also beat with belt and a broom handle. He showed dissociative signs like speaking to himself in different voices and he had numerous imaginary friends. At 14 he was leaving his house for up to 4 week periods, he was reportedly raped by multiple men at this time. By 15, he and Mike had begun to commit burglaries. Art was convicted and given probation for this in 1963, and he was convicted again 2 years later. Mike later killed his wife, kids, and then himself.

Art joined the US army and went AWOL, yet he suffered no consequences. He also spent 13 months as a weapon specialist in Southeast Asia, but his falsified military records claim he was just a supply Clerk. He was sent to Hawaii for ‘Rest and Relaxation’ before eagerly returning to Vietnam. He began killing for US army in 1968 as part of the Phoenix Programme; he killed 39 people including children in Vietnam in ways involving torture, cannibalism, and necrophilia. One female victim was decapitated, her head was put on stake, and then her body was roasted and her thigh was eaten; all whilst another victim had to watch who was then beheaded, strung up, and mutilated. When he returned he suffered from painful headaches and was treated by an Army psychiatrist, he was stationed at Fort Sill to train recruits and create exhibits for military shows. He ‘learned’ that he had married Linda Neary despite having no recollection of doing so, but he allowed her to spend all of his military paychecks. The Neary family was into witchcraft, and he claimed that they wouldn’t let him leave.

Not long after his return, he burned down a barn and Crowley’s Cheese Company before setting fire to a paper mill in 1969. He got five years, but only served 2 after spending time in Attica and Auburn prisons. He then remarried and worked for the Watertown Public Works Department. He was popular with kids in the community, yet he was reported wrestling boys to the ground and stuffing grass in their pants / mouths; but he only got 10 dollar fine from parole board. He regularly fished and was friends with 10 year old Jack Blake, but in 1972 he strangled, mutilated, and cannibalized him; Art also returned multiple times to rape the rotting corpse. Three months later he did a similar thing to an 8 year old girl. Mary Blake (Jack’s mother) told police that Art had made threats against another boy. Art was only charged with the murder of the girl despite admitting to killing Jack and having even led investigators to his body. He got a plea bargain so he pled guilty to manslaughter and got a twenty five year sentence, of which he only served 15. In first eight years, he was repeatedly disciplined for fighting, possessing contrabands, and setting fires; he was also questioned for deaths of three inmates. But in the next 7 years, he reportedly behaved and acted as councillor to mental patients despite himself complaining about hearing voices and being treated by numerous psychiatrists. Could it be that patsy’s get extremely harsh sentences yet well-linked hitmen get relatively light ones?

He was freed in 1987; the probation department sent him to Rochester (hometown of Kenneth Bianchi) after he was chased out of four communities, there were strict limitations including no consorting with prostitutes and no contact with children. Art became well known in prostitution areas, he was rumoured to sell drugs to working girls and teenage runaways. In 1988, got a ticket for driving without a licence, he had two unrestrained children in the car who were grandchildren of Clara Neal (who Art was having affair with; he was hunting partner with her son Donnie and hung out with her daughter Loretta.). Art suffered no consequences for violating parole, maybe it was linked to how he hung out at the local donut shop, chatting to officers. Several of his victims had an affair with him. His first new victim was found in 1989. One victim was Dorothy Keller, and on and off girlfriend of his who knew his wife Rose, she occasionally visited their apartment. Another was Patty Ives who knew Art, and then there was June Scotts a friend of the Shawcross family who regularly went to the local eatery with Art. There were zero defensive wounds on all of the victims and no restraint wounds either; there was speculation that a stun gun was used due to level of control over victims and the crime scene. It was initially assumed there were two or three separate killers working simultaneously since the manner of death varied greatly between victims. Lisa Gibson was found in another county miles away from the other bodies. Some were black prostitutes like Felicia Stephens, whose body was found in the same park as two of his admitted victims, but he didn’t take credit for the black victims.

There were a total of 11 victims attributed to him, all the whilst he was supposedly watched by the local parole board, mental health workers, and social workers. He was captured in 1990 and gave a confession after being interviewed without attorney. The crime scenes were free of incriminating evidence so police only had his confession to go off. His trial began in 1991, the defence claimed NGRI based upon him having DID, Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis supported this. He dissociated so heavily he needed to be shaken in order to talk to sometimes. Art also randomly wandered, becoming unaware of how he got to a place. Under hypnosis Art spoke as his mother, an eleven year old boy, and a 13th century cannibal named Ariemes.  Art described the feeling of leaving his body during the killings or another person inside of him reacting in his place Dr. Park Elliot Dietz of the BSU was called as a prosecution witness to dispute the DID claims. The jury found him guilty of 10 counts of murder, so he got 10 consecutive 25 year sentences. Police asked him where he had learned to kill and where he had learned to butcher so as to speed up decomposition, he replied ‘ask uncle Sam’. 

Satanic Ritual Abuse

The controversially named Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) describes a systemic form (ritual) of sexual abuse that is guided by a culture or philosophy of Satanism (which in this case simply means dark Occultism). It may very well be the case that intelligence agencies use satanic cults in order to traumatise children for mind control later on in life. It could also be that Satanism is used to facilitate a kind of abuse so bizarre that claims are just discredited in a knee-jerk way. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been at the forefront in ‘discrediting’ SRA stories, Dave claims that the organisation is led by CIA-funded Psychiatrists and accused as well as convicted paedophiles. He specifically talks about Paul and Shirley Eberle who pushed the satanic panic narrative, and how they were known to the Los Angeles Police as distributors of child pornography. People often try to discredit SRA claims by suggesting that they are a modern invention, however Freud talked about ritual abuse as the primary cause of problems in female patients and how many of his patients ‘confessions’ of abuse sounded like witchcraft confessions of the 16th century, he further cites a 1897 letter Freud wrote pertaining to sexual abuse being linked to ‘the Devil’. Satanic cults have been documented in America and Europe as far back as the 1600s, it makes more sense to assume some of the multi-generational claims are real than to assume there is reoccurring mass hysteria. A 2000 report by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health found that SRA wasn’t a myth (in contradiction to a 1994 Conservative Government report). Valerie Sinason, a therapist who was greatly involved in writing this report and who had treated 126 survivors of SRA claimed that some children are born for abuse and were therefore not registered on birth certificates, a claim repeated by unassociated US victims. She had documented photographs of injuries to children and ritual sites with mutilated animals. In reality ritual abuse evidence isn’t even hard to find, it’s called ‘snuff’ and is all over the internet; it’s more that people simply don’t want to look for it.


There is a historical consistency to the kind of culture and philosophy which garners the lifestyle of abuse. Perhaps Satanism can be seen as the ultimate form of sexual (as sex is the strongest form of hedonism and invasion of others personal space) degeneracy, the point where Sadism and Pedophilia become to mild so one fully lives out the darkness in every possible way.

An Elite Satanic Pedophile

Gilles de Rais was born in 1406 in the ‘Black Tower’ of his family’s castle in Champtoce. He was the eldest son of Guy de Rais, one of the wealthiest men in France, and Marie d’Craon whose father Jean d’Craon was one of the wealthiest and politically powerful men in the country. Guy was reportedly gored by a boar whilst hunting in 1415, Gilles’s mother and her brother Amaury d’Craon died in same year. Amaury was slain at battle at Agincourt, he was Jean’s only son so Gilles became the sole air to both families fortunes. He kidnapped and married Catherine de Thouars (his cousin) in 1420; her family had large adjacent landholding to his fortune. By this time, he was potentially the richest man in the whole of Europe. Jean trained him to be a knight and solider, by 1429 he was the Marshal of France (the highest ranking military figure in country, essentially the equivalent of the secretary of defence).

Joan of Arc (a saint and heroine) began serving alongside him since he was her general and advisor, she had ‘visions’ and heard voices in her head; they had a 10,000 man army. They lifted the siege of Orleans (an event in the 100 year war which was France v England), Gilles then crowned king Charles VII with Joan of Arc by the King’s side. The next year, Joan was captured by the Duke of Burgundy and accused of heresy and sorcery by the Brits. She was officially burned at stake in 1431, but Ukrainian anthropologist Sergey Gorbenko found that another woman with her face cloaked was actually burnt; in reality Joan lived to the age of 57 according to his analysis of a collection of French royal family skulls housed at the Notre Dame Cathedral. This claim is backed up by historical artefacts and correspondence among royal family members. The next year Gilles retired and went to his castle in Machecoul (he owned five), local children immediately started to disappear. The first child was abducted in 1432 by Gilles de Sille (Gilles de Rais’s cousin), a decade of kidnappings followed this.  The children were taken to de Rais castle to be ritualistically slaughtered by him and his accomplices (the number of which increased over the years) including Roger de Briqueville (another cousin), Perrine Martin who was known as ‘The Terror’, and Etienne Corrillaut / Poitou who was initially a victim before being spared and joining in.

Gilles liked to watch his victims die, often raping them or masturbating on them as they were dying. He was into Occultism, necromancy, and alchemy; he used children’s dismembered body parts in rituals aimed at summoning demons. Some reports even state that the blood of the victims were used to write a book of spells and incantations. Eventually he kidnapped a Priest, the church was aware of reports of missing children and indeed that they were tortured and killed by Gilles but until then had ignored them, in 1440 the church made the accusations public. Arrest warrants were issued for de Rais and some of his accomplices, his cousins were not targeted. He received thirty four counts of murders, sodomy, and heresy; his indictment claimed he had abducted 140 children over 14 years but Historians try to deny this because it would potentially implicate Joan. The actual number of victims is unknown; some people think it’s inflated whilst others think there were actually 200 to 800 victims. Dismembered remains of 50 children were found in a tower at Machecoul castle, and a similar number of remains were found at another one of his estates. He confessed to his crimes but refused to admit heresy, suggesting that it was seen as more serious than brutal child rape and murder. He eventually admitted to all charges, likely due to the threat of or implementation of torture. Rais apparently based his life on Caligula, the depraved roman emperor.

A Satanic pattern

Donatien Alphonse Francois, Comte de Sade; also known as Marquis de Sade, was born in 1740. His mother was a relative of the ruling administration of France and his father was an ambassador. At 10, he was sent to live with grandmother and her five daughters in a sexually promiscuous atmosphere; he received lots of attention there, though it’s debatable what kind. 2 years later, Sade was sent to live with father’s brother who was a clergyman who frequently had bisexual sex and collected pornographic material. Sade spent lots of time reading through uncle’s collection. After 6 years, he was sent to live at religious prep school where he was subjected to frequent harsh punishments including being sodomized. There he was taught that confessing sins was a method of identifying and eliminating personal weaknesses. After this he was enrolled in a military academy before entering military service as a lieutenant, he was soon placed in the elite special forces unit. He left 8 years later whilst having the rank of captain; around this time he married a woman from a prominent family who would become one of his accomplices. Her mother also helped him in the coming legal issues he faced.

Soon after, Sade violently sexually assaulted a woman, raping her with religious icon and likely whipping her. For this he got less than three weeks in jail. After this he moved to live in his fortified family estate which ironically used to serve as a jail, he built a secret room there. Sade hosted parties which included orgies; these were attended by his uncle and other men from the clergy as well as the elite. Within a few years, he was arrested again for violently sexually assaulting a woman, forcing her to strip before binding her and whipping her with a cat-o-nine tails. He left her locked up, but she managed to escape through a window. He only served four months for this. He then rejoined the military under the rank of colonel despite his criminal history, before long he and a male accomplice did sexual acts together and used the services of four prostitutes which involved whipping. The women became ill and were convinced that they were poisoned by Sade and so reported them. Sade and his accomplice had been tipped off and fled before they could be arrested, but they were caught by end of year. Yet Sade escaped within five months, strangely enough leaving behind a note asserting that his captors had nothing to do with the escape. Sade simply returned to his family estate, authorities made occasional raids to act as if they were trying to capture him.

He began to keep young boys and girls at estate against their will; some were even kidnapped, where they were sexually abused for weeks on end. He was assisted by his wife and three other adults, they whipped and burnt the children with heating implements, Sade sodomized them and he ate excrement as well as forcing them to do so. It took police months to raid the estate, and when they finally did he was reportedly hiding in the estate but still they failed to find him. A year later, he returned to estate with young women and girls that the clergy had gotten for him. Sade was finally arrested a few months later, insanely enough he escaped again but then was recaptured a month later. He was imprisoned for 13 years, during this time he wrote about his fascination with torture, rape, copraphilia, pedophilia, murder, and other degeneracy. Two years after his release, Sade held political office for roughly 10 years before being taken to a mental institution where he continued his writing. After his death, his son burnt most of his writings. Alex Steiner (a Socialist) points out that in one of Sade’s writings ‘Philosophy of the Bedroom’, de Sade lays out his philosophy using enlightenment terms to try and justify incest, rape, murder and cruelty. In an interlude published separately in 1848 as ‘ Yet Another Effort, Frenchmen, If You Would Become Republicans’, he defended murder as a civil activity used to weed out weaker members of society. He viewed society as a war of everyone against all, complete Solipsism. Steiner states that Sade’s alleged Satanism could be appropriate metaphor for his hellish state of nature philosophy, but his philosophy WAS Satanism, allowing zero restraints in his ability to hurt others in the pursuit of his own pleasure. Pier Paolo Pasolini who was killed in a ritual murder in 1975 (bludgeoned), a few weeks after writing articles critiquing his compatriots for becoming obsessed with crime and abandoning the values of a bourgeois consumer society, claims he saw fascism in De Sade’s philosophy.

The great McCover up

This was a core and perhaps the most notorious event in bolstering the ‘Satanic panic’ narrative. Ironically, if anything the McMartin case is a prime example that the 'Satanic Panic' narrative is a lie. In the 1980s, children attending the McMartin pre-school claimed to have been abused. Alexander Cockburn and the media in general tried to discredit their claims. The pre-school was a child prostitution ring working with three other Manhattan Beach preschools and a babysitting service. A letter sent in 1985 from Sergeant Beth Dickerson (of the Los Angles County Sheriff’s Department) to Kenneth Lanning, an FBI agent at the FBI Academy’s Behavioural Sciences Unit in Quantico, revealed that 400 relevant children were evaluated by therapists at the Children’s Institute International. 350 children disclosed sexual behaviour; all of the interviews were recorded. They named seven McMartin teachers and 30 other uncharged individuals and unidentified strangers as the abusers. They claimed that the abuse happened in various locations, most claim that they were photographed nude, most were drugged via a red / pink liquid, some witnessed animal sacrafices (often in Churches), some witnessed ritual behaviour (robes and chanting), some were urinated and excreted on, and some had sticks put in them. In 1984, an investigation into Manhattan Ranch Preschool occurred as a McMartin victim claimed to have been molested there. After this, 60 additional children disclosed sexual abuse with six additional suspects.  There was great consistency in the abuse claims. Two additional preschools being investigated, one of these was the Learning Game Preschool which had connections to McMartin.

Some children testified to having to witness and partake in the torture and murder of animals, other children, and babies. Some also said they had to do things like drink blood, eat flesh, get sealed in coffins with mutilated corpses, partake in bestiality and coprophilia ect. After this, there was an explosion of similar stories being told by children all across the country. These claims are unlikely to be fake as children can accurately describe things like a full sensory account of human viscera, something that only surgeons or coroners can accurately do, and unconventional niche human sexual practices, suggesting that they have genuinely experienced what they claim to have. The children were being pimped out to businesses and houses in the community; often whilst being recorded and photographed. District Attorney Robert Philibosian and 23 parents filing law suits believed McMartin to be a front for a huge CP operation.  460 children reported being sexually abused at three linked Manhattan Beach Schools overall. The Children’s Institute International said 80% displayed physical symptoms like scarring associated with violent penetration and the ‘anal wick reflex’. One ceremonial black robe was seized from a defendant’s home. Eye witness accounts were all remarkably similar, some interviews were given by teens and adults in their 20s (who were former students), their testimony matched that of the children’s. The child victims still tell the same stories to this day, and much of the testimony was given spontaneously to parents and childcare experts. As Dave says, the real ‘conspiracy theory’ is the idea that over-zealous psychiatrists managed to plant false memories into over 500 individuals which persist to this day.

The jury of McMartin case believed that there was abuse; they were just unsure who was committing it due to the prosecutor’s poor presentation.  The judge who presided over the year long pre-trial testimony, had ruled there was enough evidence for trail, but the District Attorney Ira Reiner dropped all charges against 5 of the 7 teachers after dismissing two prosecutors. The children were subjected to 7 defence attorney’s in the longest pretrail hearing allowed in history as the defence purposefully dragged it out, yet many weren’t allowed to testify due to the Court wanting to prevent ‘any further trauma’. Numerous suspects were not indicted at all such as Robert Winkler (the children knew him as wolfman), he was later arrested in Torrance for running a front for a sexual abuse ring in the form of Coco Palms Motel baby-sitting service. Children claim he often visited McMartin to deliver drugs for rituals. He turned up dead from a ‘drug overdose’ at the eve of his trail. Judy Johnson, the first mother to lodge a complaint, didn’t make it to testify as she was found dead, sprawled naked in her home due to ‘alcoholism’. She had no mental or drinking problems before learning about her child’s abuse, her consequential alcoholism was used by the media to character assassinate her. She had received threats and had been stalked before her death. Paul Bynum (previously a Hermosa beach police office) was a private investigator hired by parents of the child victims, he turned up dead on the eve of his testimony from a gunshot ‘suicide’. Apparently, Bynum may have testified about the tunnel excavation project at the preschool, this is significant as many children claimed to have been transported and abused in tunnels under the school, which the establishment asserted discredited their claims. An investigation commissioned by the District Attorney’s office found no tunnels, yet this was a superficial search.

In 1990 when the property was sold, the parents started another investigation led by E. Gary Stickel; an Archaeologist recommended to them by the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Programme of the Archaeology Department at UCLA. Stickel had served as consultant to George Lucas on Indiana Jones. Others specialists involved in commission. According to the report, the team found that two tunnel complexes and other structural features. One provided covert access to a building on the East and the other to outside access of the West wall including a secret room with large artefacts. The tunnels seemed to have been dug by hand after the construction of the buildings. There is literally no excuse for tunnels like this to exist outside the purpose of trafficking, and the tunnels matched the children’s descriptions. The report was made before the trail concluded and contained photographs along with a detailed map, yet it was never reported on (despite being known to the local and national press) and it was never used in Court. The existence of these tunnels is still denied to maintain the illusion that the children’s claims are ‘discredited’. Virginia McMartin, the Matriarch of the family who in the mid 1960s, she achieved semi-celebrity status in the childcare field and toured around the world, said that her own granddaughter believed that her own children had been molested at the school.

The Satanism of the US


In 1986, allegations of abuse arose in the US Army ran Presido Child Development Center in San Fransico. A medical examination confirmed that underage sodomy had occurred, the boy claimed that Gary Hambright (a teacher) did it; yet the army ignored the incident for a month. From there, many allegations of abuse emerged (from at least 60 victims), the centre remained open for a year despite the standard practice being to close state-ran daycare centres in light of abuse. The children implicated many other adults and claimed to have been taken from centre to be abused in homes (three of which locations were positively identified) where they were severely abused including being urinated and defecated upon (as well as being forced to ingest it), gun-point threats of death were made to try and stop the children from speaking out. Only Gary was arrested in 1987 for abusing one child, by March the charges were dropped. There was clear evidence of Satanic cult activity at the Presido base including an abundance of Satanic graffiti, satanic ritual artefacts, and a satanic alter. A former MP stated that the provost marshal told them to forget about the ‘cult’ at the base.

5 children had contracted Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, many had anal and genital trauma showing violent penetration. The authorities ignored this and the FBI failed to even interview multiple confirmed victims or their parents. The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry in 1992 claimed that there was clear psychological signs of abuse / trauma such as the presence of vaginal discharge, genital soreness, rashes, extreme fear and sleep disturbance, sexual language, sexual behaviour, temper outbursts, mood shifts, and poor impulse control. All such behaviour is expected  to be seen in molested preschool children. By 1987, the army had allegations of child abuse at 15 of its daycares and elementary schools, and at least two cases at Air Force day care centres and one in a centre run by the US navy. In 1998, a special expert team investigated if 10 children at a Department of Defence elementary school in Panama had been molested and infested with AIDS. Another case emerged in a US ran facility in West Germany.  Locations of this abuse included Fort Dix, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Jackson, and West Point. Many accusations came from career military officers (of whom many resigned in outrage). It is notable that Army Captain Walter R. Grote refused a promotion to Major in 1985 due to the ignored abuse at West Point.

The incidents which occurred in West Point Child Development Centre (and others) were thought to be linked to Presido and were satanic in nature since it included animal sacrifices and cult like behaviour. In 1983, a baby was murdered by an Army Staff sergeant which resulted in him getting a discharge and a 18 months suspended sentence. In 1984, a young girl was taken to the emergency room in West Point Hospital as the daycare teacher had raped her, other accusations began being levelled against the center so investigators interviewed over 50 children who revealed stories of being taken from the center to be ritually abused whilst being photographed; this abuse again included the children being covered in and forced to eat urine and faeces. An investigation involving over 950 interviews conducted by 60 FBI agents, which was led by Rudolph Giuliani (Donald Trump’s Lawyer and the NYC mayor during 9/11) as the US Attorney deemed no grand jury indictments since he claimed ‘only one or two children were abused’. This was contradicted by a sealed independent report by one of America’s top expert on child abuse who confirmed the validity of the children’s claims. No prosecutions were made in the end, only Civil Court claims successful. Lawyers from both sides agreed that some of the sexual abuse had occurred. To avoid being sued, rather than denying the claims the army relied on the Federal Tort Claim Act which says the Government cannot be sued for assaults done by their employees. The court ruled against them so 2.7 million was granted to the 9 child victims. Parents claim that their children are traumatised and now maladaptive.

The Satanic Psychological Warfare Specialist

A central figure to the child abuse ring at Presido is the openly devout Satanist Michael Aquino. He is the High Priest (Chief Executive) of the Temple of Set, a splinter group of the Church of Satan which was created in 1975. The Temple of Set has received tax-exempt status and state as well as federal recognition; the only satanic cult to do so. Aquino also served as a Lieutenant Colonel of Military Intelligence’ in the US army. Aquino had been a psychological warfare specialist in Vietnam and so was likely part of Phoenix Programme; he had got a Bronze Star and Air Medal and Army Commendation Medal. Aquino had directly reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1981, and at least two on his top lieutenants in the Temple of Set were intelligence operatives according to a police intelligence report. Aquino inherited a building from his mother (Betty Ford Aquino) in Marin County which was jointly leased to the Marin County Child Abuse Council and the Project Care for Children; an organisation which assisted parents in locating daycare for their children, which is interesting as he is deeply linked to daycare scandals.

One child from the Presido case could positively identify Aquino, describe the satanic interior of his house, and positively identify Aquino’s wife Lilith (who the kids knew as Mikey / Shamby, pedophiles commonly have quirky codenames they have their victims know them by) and claimed to have been photographed there. A raid in 1987 turned up a soundproof room, video tapes, loads of photos, and name / address books. No arrest was made; Aquino asserts this means he is innocent. A month later, an ‘accidental’ fire destroyed the Army Community Services Building adjacent to Presido’s daycare center, destroying some records in the Child Development centre. Three weeks later, the day care was burnt down. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms claimed that the fires was arson, contrary to the army’s claims. A third unsuccessful arson attempt made. Between these fires Hambright was arrested for 10 counts of child sex abuse, but in 1988 all the charges were dropped.  In 1989, 5 children from three cities accused Aquino of sexual abuse, three in Ukiah and the rest in Santa Rosa and Fort Bragg. In 1985 in Fort Bragg, several children at the Jubilation Day Care Centre claimed to be ritually abused by several people at the centre and in locations away from it including in Churches, Aquino was claimed to be present in one of these.

In 1998, Aquino filed a suit for the Army to scrub the record of the investigation into him, shaming Captain Adams-Thompson (father of a victim) for reporting abuse to San Francisco Police rather than keeping it internal, the court denied this request stating that there was probable cause to investigate him despite the Police not charging him. So why is it that he never faced any repercussions if he is indeed guilty? The U.S. attorney in San Fransico handling the child abuse case was Joseph Russoniello, he was involved in the Contra cocaine smuggling operation which was led by Lt. Col. Oliver North and George Bush. At the Bonacci trail (the Franklin cover up), Michael Aquino’s name surfaced by a victim’s mother who claimed he was involved in a nation-wide pedo ring. Bonacci also claimed Aquino was an associate of King’s and that the children knew him as ‘the Colonel’. King’s former personal photographer Rusty Nelson saw King give a suitcase of cash to Aquino and said King told him Aquino was part of Contra guns and cocaine trafficking operations run by Bush and North. The Franklin Committee investigated Offutt Air Force Base which is linked to Aquino, it is also where George W. Bush hid on the afternoon of 9/11. Aquino was part of the same ring which protected King. Aquino potentially ordered the kidnapping of a Des Moines paperboy who is also a suspected victim in many serial killer cases.

Occultist Networks

Perhaps it is more appropriate to use the term ‘dark Occultism’ rather than Satanism, as Satanism can be seen as an inversion of Christian doctrine or a subscription to Paganism. I personally look at it as a theological or cultural equivalent of philosophy, with Monotheism representing loyalty to logos (so egoist / right-wing philosophy), Satanism being honest solipsism or polytheism (social Darwinism and Relativism like the Church of Satan promotes), and Luciferianism being dishonest solipsism or pantheism (Socialism and Collectivism like the Lucis trust promotes). Dark Occultist networks have been the nexus in which Elite philosophy develops and thus has always formed the backbone for real societal power, thus tracking their development is important. In 1875, Abbe Alphonse-Louis Constant (known as Eliphas Levi) died. He was a French author, magician, and former Priest who wrote significant Occultist books. One of his disciples was General Albert Pike, chief of intelligence of the Confederate Army (making him an intelligence operative) and North America’s highest ranking freemason. In 1867, Pike drafted a constitution by incorporating Levi’s ideas to act as the basis for the KKK; an occult racist secret society created after the American Civil War by himself, intelligence operatives, and other confederate generals. Levi’s ideas also influenced the architects of Nazi Germany and their precursors such as the Fabian Socialists in England.

In 1875, Madame Helena Petrovina Blavatsky founded the Theosophical society in NYC, an organisation which informed a great amount of the ideology of Nazi Germany. She published Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine which informs Satanist and White Supremacist ideology to this day as it popularized the idea of racial spiritual struggle with the inherent supremacy of the Aryan race. Nietzsche echoed this belief with the Aryan Superman, he advocated for racial genocide which informed the ideology of the Nazis. One of her most devout followers introduced ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ into the West, framing the NWO as a Jewish conspiracy to help stabilise fascism in Europe. She also wrote about importance of runes which greatly informed the symbolism of the Nazi party including the SS lightning bolts and the swastika (or debatably the hakenkreuz). Karl Kellner, Franz Hartmann, and Theodore Reuss all had close ties to German Intelligence entities and were the primary architects of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in 1895. The OTO claims to be in a direct developmental line from the Knights Templar, an organisation which is potentially the basis for all occult-based secret Masonic societies (then again maybe the Kabbalah is). Hartmann was a Theosophist and a close associate of Blavatsky. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (OGD) was founded by a Theosophist called William Westcott in 1888 and was closely allied to Blavatsky’s circle.

The Great Beast

In 1875, Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley was born, he would come to be known as ‘The Great Beast 666’. He was the most influential occultist of the 20th century and a British military intelligence asset. Crowley joined the OGD in 1898 where he obtained occult celebrity status, he then went on to create a secret society called Astrum Argentium (Silver Star) in 1907 which published ‘The Equinox’. In 1912, he forged a close association with Reuss who appointed Crowley to the head of the OTO’s UK chapter. Crowley created an OTO manifesto claiming that Richard Wagner (composer) and Nietzsche (an associate of his) were past grandmasters of the lodge. In 1919, he claimed everyone not in the order should be treated as savages. Around this time, Crowley began publishing pro-german / pro-nazi propaganda which he produced through both world wars. Whilst in the US, he wrote for The Fatherland and The Internationalist, both were fascist. In 1920, he moved to Sicily where he founded the Thelema Abbey, a site where satanic rituals were conducted including animal sacrifice, bestiality, and blood drinking. It was wrought with disease, infants died there including Crowley’s own child. He was accused of Infanticide which he never denied.

 Crowley wrote in ‘Diary of a Dope Fiend’ that he delighted in dirty debauches and to devour human excrement and flesh; he revelled in depravity. People in his life tended to end up dead, destitute, mad, or all of them; he also had a reputation for killing his mountain climbing partners who mysteriously never returned home. It was widely rumoured that he routinely sacrificed children and dumped their mutilated remains in the River Thames. In a ritual, he and an assistant entered a locked room where the assistant died, Crowley then reportedly went to a mental hospital for four months. In 1906, a young daughter of his died and some reports claimed a son died in a separate incident. In 1924, Reuss named Crowley worldwide head of the OTO (though some reports claim he made himself the head in 1922). He died in 1947, leaving behind his solipsistic philosophy of ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’.

In 1884, Gerald Gardener was born into an affluent family, he first served as a British Customs Agent. He was the head of an OTO lodge and an associate of Crowley; they crafted new rituals to create ‘Wicca’. Between 1949 to 1959 he published multiple books to kick off the Wicca movement. His son Sir Laurence Gardner published books attempting to justify genocide and Aryan supremacy; Laurence served as the Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes, an organisation which admitted to receiving CIA funding. One of Gerald’s early recruits was Alexander Saunders who was raised by a black-arts versed grandmother and who was shipped off to train under Crowley. By the 1960s he was well known and claimed himself to be the King of Witches. He claims to have initiated Sharon Tate (a film star and Manson victim) into witchcraft in 1967 during the filming of ‘Eye of the Devil’. Jack Parsons was another disciple of Crowley who was a rocket-fuel scientist. In 1939, he joined the Agape Lodge of the OTO (the only lodge in the States at the time) in Pasadena where he helped the founding of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Parsons took over the lodge in 1942 with blessing of Crowley. Parson led this pro-Nazi order during WW2 whilst also working on classified military projects aimed at defeating European Fascism.

Dianetics: Satanic metaphysics

Parsons most avid disciple was L. Ron Hubbard, he had served in the US Navy and was the son of a naval commander, Hubbard also claimed to work for the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and the Office of Naval Intelligence. Two years after Crowley’s death, Parson took the oath of the antichrist and became ‘Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal Antichrist’ and his mansion became the lodge’s temple. Karl Gemer (a former nazi spy) was head of OTO at the time. By 1950, Hubbard had parted ways with Parson and created the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in New Jersey. In 1950, ‘Astounding Science Fiction’ magazine claimed Dianetics was a new science and his book became a best seller. In 1952, he rebranded his movement as the Hubbard Association of Scientologists and relocated to Phoenix. In June, Parson allegedly blew himself up at his home’s lab, his mother promptly committed suicide upon hearing this. Rumours named Hubbard as suspect along with Howard Hughes (a US business magnate) and Randolph Hearst (a newspaper owner). In 1953, the Church of Scientology was incorporated in Los Angeles, membership quadrupled in the late 1960s thanks to memberships like Charles Manson. By 1967, Hubbard commanded fleet of ships. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. (son) claimed Hitler did the same black magic and occult practices as his father, and that his father took on the cloak of the beast in 1947 and that scientology was based on ‘do as thou wilt’.

In the early 1960s two ranking scientology members, Robert Moore (a former cavalry officer and grandson of a vicar) and Mary Anne MacLean (a prostitute connected to Profumo scandal who believed she was the reincarnation of Josef Goebbels, similar to how Crowley believed he was the reincarnation of Edward Kelly, a Medium who acted as a handler for Dr. John Dee), split from London’s Hubbard Institute to form ‘The Process Church of the Final Judgement’. They are more commonly known as the DeGrimstons. The Church’s symbol was a modified swastika and it produced tributes to Nazism, Satan, gore, and necrophilia. Reportedly, the group’s bookstore involved Hitler, organized crime, hypnosis, brainwashing, and occultism. In 1967, the Process Church was incorporated in New Orlean’s French Quarter with the help of a former lawyer of the Catholic Church. In 1968, they moved to San Francisco near the Church of Satan, OTO, and other Occultist groups. Recruiters for the group had already been in the bay area for a year during the summer of love, taking on ‘Brother Ely’ (a Gypsy Jokers biker gang member) whose Process Church temple was two blocks away from the Manson family house.

The Process Church was openly violent, Moore commanded his followers ‘Thou Shalt Kill’  and the Church’s official publication encouraged readers to experience the pleasures of grave robbing and necrophilia. There was a rant in the ‘”Death” issue penned by a recent arrival to the area called ‘Charles Manson’. By 1967, a splinter group originating from the inner group occurred to create the variously named ‘The Omega’, ‘The Four-P Movement’, the ‘Four Pi cult’ or ‘The Chingon cult’. The logo is four P’s make up a swastika; first branch of cult set up in Northern California and held it’s gatherings in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This group was supposedly obsessed with Nazi racist doctrines and law enforcement claimed they were involved with white slavery, CP, and the international narcotics trade.  The Process Church was later rebranded to become ‘The Foundation Church of the Millennium’, then ‘The Foundation Faith of God’, and then the ‘Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’, before finally settling on the ‘Best Friends Animal Society’ with a compound is in Utah desert. The group still includes its original members and now rubs shoulders with Hollywood celebrities.

In 1970, Stanley Baker was convicted for the brutal murder of a Montana resident which involved him ripping out and eating his heart. He claimed to be a cannibal and produced a gnawered finger from his pocket as proof. Baker then admitted that he had committed other murders as a member of the Four Pi cult. Police confirmed his complicity in a brutal San Francisco murder as he had left behind a bloody fingerprint. The California Courts declined to prosecute him for these other murders under the claim that ‘he had been denied a speedy trail’. Baker was released after 14 years despite starting a satanic cult in prison and having eleven weapons confiscated by guards. 

The crowned prince of Satanism

Anton Levay was given publicity and therefore recruits by Herb Caen (a Columnist at the San Fransico Chronicle) with the subsequent help of Cosmopolitan, Life, Look, McCalls, and the Phil Donahue and Jonny Carson shows. He claimed to have had multiple jobs including being a Lion Tamer at Clyde Beatty Circus, a fortune teller and astrologer in a carnival, and working in Las Vegas where he associated with Bugsy Siegel (a mafia figure) and Meyer Lansky (the mob’s accountant) through his uncle. He also claimed to have studied criminology and been a San Francisco crime scene photographer (the police department consulted with him on ‘nut cases’), as well as being a hypnotist, organist and a ghostbuster. He even claimed to be an associate of Marilyn Monroe before she was famous. After his death, LaVey’s daughter claimed that his life story was a fabrication which is likely if he was an intelligence operative.

LaVey and Kenneth Anger (Anger was a Crowley disciple, film maker, and the roommate and possible lover of Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil) founded the Magick circle in San Fransico in the mid 1960s, it became the Church of Satan in 1966. Anton Levay declared April 30, 1966 to be the first day of the Age of Satan, three weeks earlier ‘Times’ magazine which is owned by CIA Asset Henry Luce asked ‘is God dead?’. ‘Richard Speck’s’ mass murder took place just weeks after as did Whitman’s shootings, which occurred on August 1st, Lammas on the occult calendar.  Straight away, there was a disproportionate amount of police, military, and intelligence people in the Church of Satan. Michael Aquino left in 1975 to found the Temple of Set but he was the second highest ranking member of the Church of Satan (short of LaVey). There are claims that LaVey forged a secret alliance with the National Renaissance Partly (a racist Neo-Nazi organisation), there are also claims that Bobby Beausoleil who was associated with the Church of Satan forged a prison alliance between the Manson family and the Aryan Brotherhood; Manson is also potentially linked to the Nazi Lowriders (prison gang). LaVey clearly had a fondness of the third Reich, ‘The Satanic Bible’ contains a dedication to Karl Haushofer who was an Occultist architect of the third Reich. Some reports claim Haushofer dictated an entire chapter of Mien Kampf to Hitler but others claim Rudolf Hess had it dictated to him by an imprisoned Adolf Hitler. Hess was a protégé of Haushofer at the University of Munich and was part of Thule Gesellschaft (a powerful occult secret society which created Nazism).

LaVey’s writings can be summarised as pro-police, pro-authoritarian, elitism, and essentially ‘might makes right’. He also publically endorsed Cannibalism and served guests an amputated thigh of a young women supplied by a Berkeley Physician at his talk ‘On Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice’.  His philosophy really echoes Crowley’s calls for ignoring or stamping down the outcast and unfit and do as thou wilt. The Church of Satan itself claims to take its lineage from Crowley and the Black Order of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, the Black Order was an elite branch of the SS that engineered countless crimes against humanity for the Nazis. In ‘The Black Flame’, LaVey wrote he would be for a neo-fascist outlook if it made for ‘men which looked like men’ and vice versa for women and that fascism isn’t inherently wrong but it’s just the wrong type rather than a truly progressive type has been implemented. Peter H. Gilmore (the Church of Satan Magister) who advocated for the institution of an American SS said their Satanism was Elitism, social Darwinism, and the rejection of egalitarianism as a myth which has stopped progress. Absurdly enough, he claims that fascism is accepting the natural order and rejecting an anything goes attitude, therefore Satanists are fascists. The ideology that embraces degeneracy wishes to crush degeneracy? The only way to solve this contradiction is to understand what truly separates one who respects natural law from one who doesn’t, those who respect natural law abide by logos, Satanists take their subjective opinions and cast it as natural law. That is the essence of Solipsism.

Aquino denies it but his group’s ideology is equally fascistic. His reading list for his followers included pro-Nazi books as well as literally ‘Mein Kampf’ because it discusses the selection of leaders, control of the masses, and justifications for human social organisation. He travelled to the Wewelsberg Castle to perform a Satanic working, the castle had been the restored by Heinrich Himmler to be the headquarters of the ‘Black Order of the SS’ making it sacred satanic grounds. Sometimes Aquino claimed to be the son of an SS officer, other times he claims to be a ‘homunculus’ created by the ‘babalon working’ ritual performed by Jack Parson and L. Ron Hubbard in 1946. Other splinter groups from the Church of Satan include the ‘Werewolf Order’ which was co-founded by Zeena LaVey (Anton’s daughter) and Manson admirer Nikolas Schreck. It was patterned after the Werewolf Corps which where post-war Nazi terror cells created to ‘prevent denazification’. They hosted a public gathering in 1988 with their publisher Adam Parfrey (the operator of Feral House Books which published for the Church of Satan and The Process Church) to celebrate the anniversary of the slaughter of Sharon Tate by the Manson family and potentially the 100th anniversary of the first Jack the Ripper Slayings (one day off). Schreck had cut off his left ear in allegiance to Satan.

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